Monday, November 09, 2009

I turned 23..

.. yesterday which was 7 days after Ching Chung's, 5 days after Pak Wan's, 4 days after BIGBANG's T.O.P.'s 22nd and Naresh's, 3 days after BoA Kwon's (still cannot believe she's my age and yet she's so much more successful than I am), 2 days after Ikmal's and a day before Se7en's 25th (which is today LOL)!

Yesterday Park Bom of 2NE1 had her first solo performance for You and I, a song which always makes me want to cry after watching the video. I don't know why but she looks so.. kesian. You know what I mean. Especially in this performance, she looks like she can just burst into tears anytime!

But she's so adorable!

And BIGBANG performed 声をきかせて on CDTV! Gosh looking at the 2 little animated hosts reminded me of the days where I used to watch Orange Range's performances on the same show! ='(

I likey T.O.P's hat!

Anyways, was out for lunch with my friends in Jaya 33's d'italiane kitchen to celebrate Justin's belated and the November kids' birthdays (Pak Wan, Ikmal, me and Tien Ming)!
Sorry no food photos, but do check out the reviews for the food there here and here, but overall the food are quite good!

Went out for a family dinner and had crabs and venison! =D

Tried soju for the first time - one with 19% alcohol. However, I don't quite enjoy it. It's a bit diluted for me. Next time will try the ones with higher alcohol content. =P

Got my first ever BIGBANG stuff thanks to my sister!


Must show you what's inside. *fangirl mode*

Can you imagine my excited-ness when I got this? My first ever BIGBANG stuff! Weeeeee!~ Oh and The Time Traveler's Wife is from big bro. I was secretly planning to get it after reading a good review from one of the newspapers and then "Tada!". Macam he can read my mind pulak. Hee.

So how do I feel turning 23?

. . . .

I don't really feel much. Hahaha. I guess it's just another day for me, but it was great getting all the superb birthday wishes from my friends and the people I know.

To sum it up, by 23 I:

- graduated with a degree after 3 years of slaving myself (half-heartedly)
- fell in love, fell out of love
- discovered that I like
BIGBANG and funny Korean variety TV shows
- did some things that I'm not proud of, some I regretted doing, and hopefully will never do them again
- made new friends, lost some friends (unintentionally)
- realised that high-top sneakers are awesome to a point that I want to own a pair or two (or three or four why not make it five or six?)
- want to start reading back again
- and what else ah?

Anyways, hope to be able to start working by next year, and hope to improve myself physically, mentally and socially. Oh and financially. Don't want to rely much on my parents, although they don't mind.

And hope to be able to start traveling solo. =D

Thanks for everything you people! God bless y'all!


  1. BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Anyway, happy birthday!! :)

  2. happy bday ween. again. hehe.

    wait. travelling solo? do u mean.. ? urm..? tell me!

  3. Aimi I love you! You wished me like, 3 times tau! hehehe.. *muaks*

    Yeah. Eh wait. Taveling solo as in going traveling on my own without friends or family. Been wanting to do that for quite a while.

    But yeah. I am single nowlah. =)


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