Monday, November 16, 2009

On this rainy day.

Ah. It rained heavily this morning. And it's very gloomy outside. But I'm happy. Cause yesterday night early this morning before I went to sleep I tweeted:

My wish came true this morning! Hehehe..

* * *

Over the weekend I hung out with some friends - yumcha on Saturday night/early Sunday morning with Audrey, Cawan Milo and Kenny Chan; Sunday had Sushi King lunch (got salmon promotion!) with Cawan Milo and Chi Seng.

Such a lazy Sunday. After lunch we were wondering what to do and ended up grocery shopping in Giant. Mehehe. And then we went to Selene's place to watch her bake cupcakes.

Double Chocolate Chip Cupcakes by Selene Ng

saya cuma tolong sprinkle itu colourful things

It's been a long while since we last been to her house just to lepak so it was a great thingla basically. Can't wait for the annual Christmas-at-Selene's event (since I missed it last year nyeh nyeh)! =P

* * *

Reached home only to find my parents getting ready to go out.

"Where you all going?"
"Ah, your sister wants to go temple to get some holy water and after that we go out for dinner so do you want to bathe first?"
"*lazy mode* nevermindla just go only" (padahal dalam my head ohmyfrog my stomach too full for dinner la diediedie)

Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple, Jalan Gasing

We went Green View Restaurant for dinner, which is a family-favourite. Last week we actually already had crabs for dinner at King Crab Restaurant opposite Kelana Jaya LRT Station, but my father was not satisfied. (^_^;)

Green View is located around the Rothman's roundabout, beside Hong Kee Dim Sum (map & review by kyspeaks) and is usually packed with people, but not TOO packed til you can't find a place for you and your accompanians.

garlic stir-fried potato leaves

It's famous for it fresh prawn noodles, which are really good the first time I had it! Prawns were so HUGE! But we didn't order that yesterday night so no photo ya?

claypot tofu

sweet & sour pork, gosh this is wwaayy better than the one in King Crab, i like this very much, next time go sure sure will order again

buttered prawns

salted egg crabs and budak sesat yang akan menduduki STPM tidak lama lagi

My two sisters went crazy and started licking of all the salted egg before eating the crab flesh. Urgh. The dish is nice, but when it's cold... urgh. I had like two pieces only. Next time I want the chilli crabs. Hmmph.

Not sure if the prices are expensive or not, but our crab dish came out to about RM138 and the other dishes were RM12 each. So... entah.

But I like that place. Besides the food, the service is very good. The staff are very attentive where they'll come and pour tea when they see your cup is empty, quickly taking out finished dishes and there are plenty of them that you don't have to worry nobody layan-ing you.


Anyways that was my weekend, how was yours?

* * *

Oh yeah my PTD assessment programme will be on next month, in INTAN Chukai, Kemaman.
Finally. I thought I passed the initial examination for fun.
WTF I have to go back Terengganu again? Somemore it's 0800-1700 on a Sunday.
Oh yah I forgot Sunday is a working day in Terengganu.
But nevermind will ask my father if can go Hai Peng.
I miss Hai Peng.


  1. all the best...girl!

  2. last i went to greenview was soooo long ago I should go there again!

  3. yes KY you should go again! :D

  4. omg. my face. XD anyway, the crabs are yummy yummy! and... STPM over edi!! YAY! :D


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