Monday, November 23, 2009

Current favourite listens.

Hwanhee - Because I Missed Your Heart

I love his voice. But the only thing that bugs/annoys/irritates me is...

"Because YOU IN my heart~ Because YOU IN my heart~ "

Aiseh. Takpelah.

Taeyang (BIGBANG) - Wedding Dress

First time I heard this, I wasn't so impressed. I don't know why. It's a typical Taeyang song. But after watching him perform at MAMA 2009, I changed my mind. And it's one of my favourite songs right now. The video is just sad though.

Suddenly teringat that Michael Learns To Rock song.

"...all the time but this is 25 minutes too late.."

Taeyang terlambat a few seconds before the other fella proposed.


Love the dance choreography! Gonna learn it for fun! =P


  1. Hwanhee<3 Taeyang<3 :D I looove both songs. haha. Wedding Dress is the best! Now i can start learning the dance too! woot~

  2. Ohh Hwanhee song "Getting Down" also kinda funny..

    Gerrin' gerrin down..

    I add you in my blog list :)


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