Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Selene said I like cute things wor.

She concluded this after my expensive excessive purchase at 1U's diva and amusingly toying with some cute animal-themed kitchen accessories in Living Quarters. I don't remember what brand were they but they consist of mouse cheese grater, starfish jar opener and then got something with shark, bird, lizard etc they're so cute I shall buy them when I have my own house with an awesome kitchen.

MAYBE I should just buy them and pretend they're for my mother!! :D

Oh yeah Selene faster put up a photo of your Christmas tree ya? If not enough things we go search somemore!


Ada saja alasan untuk pergi membeli-belah.

Owl long necklace. Cute kan? Don't know why I was attracted to it. Maybe I saw it somewhere before. And I got something to match it:

Owl earrings/studs! So they're not as cute as the owl on the necklace, but they're owls! Or maybe there are identicals ones but I couldn't find? Dielor if I find them next time. T__T

What's with me and owls?


I have no idea! We don't have any similarities, oh well except that I have big eyes too! So maybe that's whylar!

And to top it all off, I got some cute earstuds!

cupcakes and ice-creams

And again, I have no idea why I bought them! I do lack some cute studs so maybe I need them. But the thing is I tend to lose my studs so.. hurm hurm.. oh and the one in the middle I am wearing currently!


Come to think of it, I was only following Selene for some Christmas-tree-ornaments/accessories shopping.


* * *

Food photos from Sushi Tei, Tropicana City Mall. It's located next to kitschen ya? So after/before eat can go shopping! =P

ikura chawanmushi, the roes are salty but it's good when eaten with the eggy custard

salmon sashimi - i wish they were bigger slices

unagi roll, unagi pieces are big! :D

beef in garlic teriyaki sauce.. hmm.. okay-okay onlylah for me. Beef in Hanazen is better though

Overall, the place's not bad actually. Would love to try more things but I was too full because of some snacks I had earlier.


Read the review at kyspeaks here


  1. Those studs you're wearing is so cute! Esp. The love shape one~~

    Looking at the food.... *drools*

  2. uuhhuuhhuhuuu!! they are all soooo pretty!! a worthy buy i have to say! =P you remember when we were buying xmas tree stuff at parkson you pointed at this cute penguin rite?? LOL i went to pavillion with tien ming and he pointed at the very same penguin at parkson!! you 2 ahh really la.. hehe.. i'm gonna finish putting up my xmas tree tmr!! coming home after my night call =) =)

  3. Ee Suan: yup yup! they're so cute aren't they? Hopefully they last long!

    Selene: yeahh baby! I don't think I wouldn't mind overspending in diva once in a while.. =) oh yay! TM approves the penguin and cute things! wooooo~

  4. omo! The owl necklace is so pwetty~~ *__* haha. look like you lar. XD more pictures of food! yum yum~ I need to go out and eat food i never ate before oso lar.

  5. hey want to folow u and selene shopping la!

  6. Lene: What? The owl necklace looks like me? LOL!

    Aimi: Jom jom next time I will call you!


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