Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Emotional U-turn

I think I had given everybody a scare after a series of emotional posts, didn't I?

Seriously, I was this close to giving up everything: my friendship, my love, my degree just because I was not able to stand all the shit anymore.

I felt like I was lost in a dark wall-less room, stumbling in the dark, trying to reach out for something that wasn't there.

Part of the light opened up for me, and a few pairs of hands offered themselves to pull me out. As I reached out for them, I yearned for a pair belonging to the one I love the most, but I didn't see them. Those who I thought were the ones to turn their backs on me were pulling me out of the dark instead, and at that moment I thought to myself:

Have I lost my sense of judgement?
Could it be that I was mistaken?
Should I just let go?

Truthfully, if they chose not to appear, I was willing to let them go and move on.

However, just moments ago, the pair of hands appeared, although a little shaken and weak. They gave me the final lift, so that I was able to climb out of the room, and experience a wonderful world, better than any other worlds combined.

Thank you for your concerns everyone.

Phew, what a U-turn from my angry/sad posts huh?

I guess I owe it to you guys and girls.



  1. Good to hear that. Fighting!!!

  2. Glad your okay now. (: I guess.. we all do have the moments when we felt like giving up. No one can be happy ALL the time right?
    No matter how stressful we are right now, during CNY we have to celebrate it the fullest! Enjoy it! ;)


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