Friday, January 16, 2009


I think everybody should know by now that Kuala Terengganu is having an election for its representative tomorrow.

Unless they have other better things to dola.

This is the second time I'm going through the hype of an election, the first being the general election last year.

Seriously, all roads towards and in KT are always jammed up, which pisses me off, since I don't really intend to get involved in this kind of things.

Yesterday our car got blocked in front of PuriBali since there was a ceramah by PAS nearby, and ohgosh so banyak orang!

And before that, I met someone (in)famous in Secret Recipe! Was quite surprised to see him there so ended up a bit high, although now when I think about it, I must have been so jakun.


Anyways, it added spice into my life, so what the hell.

As long as I don't start receiving letters from the uni or anything.


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