Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have never felt soooooo lonely in my life, until today in lab.

It's not that I was the only one in the lab, we actually had a lab session. My group members sat right next to me, and we finished our work in an hour (or less? or maybe more?.

After that, everyone minded their own businesses, and I did not want to disturb them.

Listened to other groups who were done, and most of the people around me were happily laughing around, doing their work.

I sat there, listening to all their laughters, imagining their cheerful faces, while I pretended to be busy, surfing the internet.

To a point that I couldn't take it anymore and slept until it was time to go home.

I realised I couldn't fit in into their worlds.

I want to leave everything and go home.



  1. never alone but always lonely.

    chaiyok weens. its all just a test for the final year student. seriously! believe me i know.

    gather up ur strength and you'll get through this year just fine!

    good luck! ;)

  2. >_< aigoo.. what happen actually? being lonely is really hurting but i never thought u will experience it now.. these is a really big challenge for you. Problems will never stop. Go through it, i knw you're always a strong person. FIGHTING!!

    ALWAYS remember, you still have US. those who loves you and appreciates you. ;)


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