Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sticky situation, it is.

I think I'm stuck in one of the worst muds situations ever!

Just in the morning I thought everything was good, everything was great, even assured James that everything was fine.

Indeed, everything is so NOT fucking fine!

What the hell is wrong with everyone? If they are so damn pissed with one another can't they just tell it straight to each other's faces?

Do they have to use words that will hurt my feelings? Use MSN shoutouts? Blogs? Talk behind each other?

What the heck man? I am trying my best to keep everything at peace, why can't everyone just fucking work along with me huh?


I want to go homela, I really do.

Fuck the degree.


  1. Just ignore all those bad things, you will be cheerful.

  2. aiyo...i thought things were alright in your course. what happen???


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