Monday, July 28, 2008

Orange Fathers

July 21st, 2008
Orange Range vocalist Ryo (22) revealed on his official website that he is married and a father. He says he got hitched in February and they had a baby girl in June, adding that he delayed the announcement because there was a danger his wife might lose the baby. Elder brother and OR bassist Yoh (24) got married in June 2007 and is also a father.

Okay. I was surprised. It is known that Yoh is married already but Ryo???!!! SO suddenly!

Anyways, congratulations to them both, hope their children grow up healthily! =)

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  1. O_O; that news suprised me too!!! RYO!!!! the youngest! is a father already?!?! shocking!! ..both the brothers, got married and having children already...what a.. er..coincidence? XD

    anyway, wish for their happiness lar.. after this who lar pulak.. >__<


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