Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Onegai! Senorita~

Compare this:

To this:

The first one is by Aya Matsuura while the second is of course by the original artist, Orange Range.

I must say Aya's rendition is very very entertaining, a breath of fresh air from the rockier original version. I love the original of course, comes in 3 different videos somemore. And the last PVs with Katchan in them. =(

Latest Orange Range PV: Shiawase Neiro

Ahhhhhh~ Although I do not understand this song at all, but the video brought tears to my eyes. *sob sob* I do not have any idea how long-distance relationship works or how it will affect me but I do know the thought of being apart from my sayang is very terrifying! I do not want to go through it at all! =(

I can imagine the anxiety when he does not return my calls or messages, I won't be able to stop worrying his well-being and ah! Of course the endless fears of him ever cheating will come once in a while.....

=( =(

I do not want to be apart from my sayang.

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