Monday, June 09, 2008

Awesome panda!

The night before I was supposed to watch Kung Fu Panda, I dreamt that I have a pet baby panda at home! And boy.. was he/she one hyperactive panda! I never imagined that the dream was some sort of a sign to inform me that...

Kung Fu Panda rocks!


It's just so entertaining! And provides endless laughter in every scene!

I laughed all the way throughout the movie shamelessly, enjoying every minute of it. It was all worth it after battling numerous teenagers who were lepaking in Sunway Pyramid before going into Sunway Lagoon for the Seventeen Summer Splash.

I must admit that I hate crowds and the King's birthday was absolutely the wrong-est day to be in Sunway Pyramid! Everywhere I walked, I kept seeing boys in Bermuda shorts as if they were going to Hawaii while the girls were in clothes which revealed their bikinis and oh! There was this girl who walked around in her bikini top in the mall itself! *pengsan*

Thank goodness for Po the Panda~

Although I was quite disappointed that Jackie the Monkey hardly said much (the same goes to the other characters), I was quite amused by how Po was created to speak in such a way that he did not seem fit to be someone from China! With all the awesomeness and the slang.. And *ghost!* his father is a.. is a.. DUCK/GOOSE/SOME BIRD???!!!

I wonder howla can become like that... hehe

And isn't it funny how the community in the valley is mostly made up of PIGS and RABBITS? And some DUCKS/GEESE/SOME BIRDS?

Hahahaha... siaola wei~

Anyhows, I just got a new cousin! She just came out this afternoon so she's still a bit red.. but still cute nonetheless~ =D

She who has yet to be named. Future bully victim of Darren, her older brother.

And Orange Range's new album titled PANIC FANCY is going to be out on the 9th of July! Aggghhh.. dunno if I should place an order for it...


Judging by the two covers, the album will be disco-ish! But I won't bet on itla, the boys are known for their wacky album and singles covers!


Starbucks Coffee's latest drink: Dark Mocha Frappucino! Heavy on the chocolate side while light on the coffee side. Look out for the dark chocolate bits and pieces!

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