Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yesterday, as a requirement in the Industrial Training course which I am currently suffering through, a lecturer from the Physical Sciences Department, who tought Solid State Physics during my second semester finally visited me as how it was planned.

He was late for 1 hour++ however.


The scheduled time for his visit was at 11am, but then, at 11.30am, batang hidung pun tak nampak.

I expected him to be on time and to be able to find my office easily as he was able to find YenLin+WeiKiat+YeeChuan+Clement's ulu place without any problems the previous day.

At 11.15am, he sms-ed me to inform that he might be a little bit late since he was still finding the way to my company. And so I replied,

"Okay. If got any problems, you can call me."

And he replied, "Its too complex the road here, i have rounded for 1 hour"

I panicked and called him straightaway to ask him his whereabouts and was greeted by the usual wu-liaoness and gave him directions. He arrived after 12pm. And my supervisor went out to KL.

Why can't he just call me and ask for directions?
"Bateri talipon dier habis kot" my company's clerk joked.

sigh~ Anyways, the visit was short. As in 10-minute kinda short. Yeah. He asked me what I have been doing, flipped through my log book, asked the clerk one ridiculous question, "Dia ada datang kerja tak?", gave me the souvenier to be given to my supervisor and off he went to his next destination. Wherever that wasla. Oh, at least he wished me Good Luck.



Visited Sunway Pyramid for dinner with EC and we were having trouble choosing between Wendy's and Sushi Zanmai.

In the end, we went to the latter for dinner. I was really going forward to dining at Sushi Zanmai since I've heard good reviews about that place.

However, we might have made a mistake by ordering the wrong things.


We ordered a small Tempura Udon (RM10.80), a small Chicken Katsu Curry (RM10.80) and Kaki Fry (RM12.80). Drinks were the usual hot green tea (RM1.00 per cup), which wasn't that hot.

The Tempura Udon came first and it tasted the same as Yoshinoya's Beef Udon, minus the beefla. EC said the soup is nice for him though. On another plate laid 1 tempura prawn (fresh! fresh! fresh!), 1 tempura lady's finger, 1 tempura slice of carrot and 1 tempura slice-in-a-shape-of-Shell's-logo of brinjal/aubergine/eggplant. The tempura thingies tasted bland on their own so it's better to dip them in the broth or shoyu (soya saucela~) before eating. The noodles weren't soft or mushy so I had no problem with them.

Next up came the Chicken Katsu Curry, a plate of rice served with cutlets of fried breaded chicken with a sprinkle of pickled chilli if I'm not mistaken. Now, the both of us had tried cooking with Japanese curry-in-the-box so we were relieved that it tasted the same! After taking a bite out of the dish, EC said, "We did a good job." Haha. However, the chicken cutlets were normal and *gasp* had some bloody-tasting parts! =( I like Japanese curry though, I find it suits white rice very well. I wouldn't mind ordering it again once I'm done with trying all the food in the menu or once I find an outlet which serves full-cooked fried chicken cutlets!
The Kaki Fry is actually fried oysters dish, and it has got nothing to do with legs whatsoever, ok? Served with a dollop of mustard, mayonnaise with a slice of tomato, slices of Japanese cucumber and lettuce, the oysters are crispy on the outside soft in the inside. Beware when you bite though, the inside (oyster part) tends to be hotter than the outside. I couldn't eat much since I had a very, very bad experience with oysters while eating in Shogun last month. But for oyster fans, try it!

I wanted to try more things but since we were quite full so I'm looking forward to visit that place again to try the grilled mackerel! =D And EC wants to try its tuna belly sashimi! =O

Locate Sushi Zanmai in the Fth floor of the Orange Boulevard (above Kim Gary's) by cutting through Parkson or take the long route from the main front door (where the lion's head is), turn right and follow the signboards that appear above you. =P

Dropped by Visited Wendy's (which is located OPPOSITE McDonald's that you can see Ronald McDonald on his bench when you're lining up in the store) to buy goodies for my siblings: 10-piece nuggets (RM8.80) and Chili and Cheese Baked Potato (RM5.99).

The nuggets were as good as McDonald's. EC said "'s crispy on the outside and the meat was really meat, no fats! =)" So, imagine a nice chicken meat (from the breast preferrably), coated with a batter and fried into perfection! Chewahh.. Okay. I might have exaggerated a little. It's good enough if you want something light to bite.

The Chili and Cheese Baked Potato fell short of my expectation, but not too much! I find that there's room for improvement: they could make the chili a bit more thicker and richer in taste. The potato is very soft but not as soft as mashed potato since they provide plastic fork and spoon for you to dig in.

We ended our visit by purchasing a box of 6 donuts from Dunkin Donuts! Wheee~ Had these for lunch today and so I shall end up my post today with the photos of the donuts! Wheeeeee~

Green Tea donut, has herby-herby taste. If you think it's Starbucks Coffee's Green Tea frappucino in donut form, you are oh-so silap. It tastes..unusual. Not bad-tasting I assure you though.

The oh-so-yummilicious Bavarian Kreme donut!

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