Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog = Weblog

Had lunch with Aimi and Liyana today at Old Town White Coffee. I got to ride Liyana's beloved car, Andy. Hee hee.

Had a glass of cold Hazelnut White Coffee and Nasi Rendang Chicken. Starting to feel sleeeeeeppppppyyy...

On the other hand, sorry Wai Loon for not blogging about our Longkang Long Khong 2 and Sushi Zanmai outing. Will post it up soon, kay?

Read an interesting article this morning which was on yesterday's The Star. Explains what blog is all about.

"The word “blog” itself is actually a shortened version of the word “weblog”..."

Whoa. I never knew that. Or I did, and I forgot all about it. I was introduced into the world of blogging by my form 6 classmate, Yuen after she asked me whether I owned a blog and I was like, "What's a blog?"

"But blogs weren’t originally meant to detail activities of a person’s daily life or musings. They were originally used by geeks to share with other geeks the various interesting articles, postings and tools that they found on the web."

Whoa. I never knew that either. I have always thought that blogs are online journals/diaries where the writers would just pen post up their daily/weekly/monthly happenings AND unhappenings, traveling experiences, food & beverages adventures or simple musings of their lives.

Am I that ignorant or just plain misinformed?

Since I am hardly (the keyword here is hardly, k?) the kind to blame others, I shall say that I am ignorant. Plain ignorant. Or layjee lazy to find things out.

In this article, the writer gave explanation on two types of blogging: classical blogging and online diary blogging.

In classical blogging, bloggers will write their opinions in topics of their choices and place links from where the topics come from. From there, readers can read from both opinions and sources. In online diary blogging pulak, it is "designed for you to come in and hang around for a while.."

Read on about it from here.

I have no idea mine falls into which categoryla.

Both maybe. Haha.

Hope this article enlightens you all out there as how it did to me.

Have a nice weekend folks!

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