Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food all around

(updated and edited on 21 November 2008)
This post will be about food (halal and non-halal) that I had been eating during outings for the past few days/weeks. Hope you will enjoy this post!

Little Taiwan, Midvalley Megamall

Had breakfast here with Wai Loon before watching Longkang Long Khong 2. Btw, DO NOT watch the movie unless you are the kind who LOVES watching gory, horror movies regardless of their storylines on wide screens with extra loud sound effects. If can, wait for the DVDs or when it appears on the internet.

Grape Red Tea and Red Tea. Both drinks tasted like your usual tea. However, they smell unlike tea. =P

Shared Taiwan Special Toast. The bread is really tasty and crunchy, however they could have done better with the filling which consists of mixed veges, pieces of crabsticks, mushroom and chicken in thick gravy. The gravy soaks up the center part of the bread, making it soggy, which is delightful to some if not to others. I like the soft, mushy part!

$$$ spent: around RM17

Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

After the movie, we had our lunch here. Since it was a Saturday, it was packed. We sat at a table in the inner part of the restaurant at one of the tables with U-shaped couch. I dislike the environment since the walking space is not so big that sometimes you have to give ways to others to pass. Furthermore, a lamp which hung above was killing us with its heat. =/

Chuka Iidako and tobikko: Shrimp roe sushi and baby octopus. There's nothing special about these two. I love baby octopus though. Will always get them at any sushi outlets. =D

Tekka maki: Tuna roll. I guess it must be something great since it made Wai Loon go, "Ohhhhh.. heaven!" I don't really like the taste of raw tuna. I prefer Ayam Brand's Tuna Flakes/Chunks in Sunflower Oil. =D

Ebidon: Tempura prawns on rice with egg. I prefer this to Sushi King's since the latter's is so damn sweet! However, since it lacks much taste, it is better to add some soy sauce in it.

Kakiagedon: Deep-fried prawn on rice.

Wasabillar Roll: Salmon and chips wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed, covered with flying-fish roe infested with wasabi. To my surprise, this roll did not taste wasabi-spicy at all! I like this very much!

The head of the Wasabillar Roll. Cute isn't it? The eyes are made of salmon roe. Squashed one out of curiosity. =P

$$$ spent: around RM50

Kluang Station, One Utama

Had dinner here after work. Was looking forward to this place since i've read good reviews on it.

Iced Cham and Kopi. I like the Cham and this is the best Cham I've tasted so far. EC also likes his Kopi.

Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang. The best thing about this is the sambal, which has the petai taste. The portion of the rendang was so small!

Rice with Curry Lamb. The lamb is delicious and tender. EC likes the lamb so much! However, I feel like it's a bit overpriced, just like the previous dish.

$$$ spent: around RM25 =/

KTZ Food, One Utama

The best dessert at this place is the Mango Loh, which to me, fell short of expectations since the mango was bruised and the loh tastes a bit sweet and bland. However, towards the end of digging into the loh, the flavour however improved, but it was too late.

Sweet Chat Cafe, Midvalley Megamall

EC brought me here after a dinner in Yoshinoya. EC likes the Durian Pancake so I was quite excited to try! After ordering and paying at the counter, we were given a numbered-stand with our receipt stuck to it to be displayed on our table.

The Durian Pancake came in 3 kuih-sized pieces. I recommend this to all durian lovers!

The cream is oh-so delicious and not only that, there's also durian flesh inside the pancake sheet! The pancake sheet sort of melts in your mouth that you end up chewing the flesh only, which is not a complaint whatsoever from my side. =D

Being a greedy bitch I was, I force-ordered a Sago Cendol. It was a bad move since the dessert was not sweet enough for me and some of the cendol were still frozen! The santan (coconut milk) taste was quite strong too. It tasted better after being mashed and mixed up.

$$$ spent: around RM14

Wendy's Bistro, Dataran Sunway Mentari
(the last time i saw it around Sept 2008, it has changed its name to something else, so i'm not sure if it's the same restaurant anymore)

Went for a late lunch after lepaking at Sunway Pyramid awhile. We braved the storm for this restaurant to find that the place was customers-less! I guess everyone got stuck at home/other places due to the storm.

For the drinks, we opted something simple:

Plain water and Iced Lemon Tea. =P

While waiting for our food, we could view the cook whipping up our dishes (since there wasn't anyone else there)!

EC had the Mixed Platter which consists of pork belly and pork ribs in special sauce served with mashed potatoes, delicious coleslaw (mescullin salad written on the menu), 2 slices of tomato and chilli sauce.

The belly slices was just average but the ribs were so good and tender! It's not chewy or tough and the sauce complimented it well!

I had the Grilled Pork Chop with the same sides but instead of chilli sauce, it was served with apple sauce, which tasted peppery and creamy. The pork chop was dry and the apple sauce served its duty to counter the dryness. Oh! Oh! The apple sauce goes well with pork ribs! Try it!

We ended our meals with a scoop of Mövenpick Maple Walnut ice-cream!

The ice-cream tasted like vanilla ice-cream laced with caramel (it must be the hardened maple syrup) with walnut bits. Nothing much to say except for, "We picked the right flavour! Wheeee!~"

$$$ spent: around RM73

Okay, that's all for now. Leaving you all with a shot of Sushi King's Spider Roll, which is soft shell crab and veggies wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed. One order of this is enough for a meal on its own so if you would like to feast on other things, be sure to share it, ok?

Till then, see you at the next post!


  1. You've become a food blogger!! Guess I can count on you to get me to the right places to eat then..

  2. uh! I'm trying my best not to become a food-blogger cos I just suck at describing stuff!

    But will definitely bring you go makan-makan when you balik!

  3. *saliva-dropping-like-crazy*

    >_< totally.. envious...

    I WANT A BF that can give me food toooo!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT

    YOochun oppa, i want food!

  4. doing doing lah you!

    wants bf to give you food!

    although that is one of the perks of being with someone who likes food!

    go get a foodie-lover bf!


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