Monday, March 17, 2008

君 station!

I guess today is the day where my love for Orange Range was awaken back again!

Was attempting to do microprocessor lab this morning and for some reasons, the PC that i'm using actually has Veoh.

I'm not sure what prompted me to look for some Orange Range videos, i just felt like had to.

And i'm glad i did. Because i found their new video!

*jumps around like a mad fan*

Yesh, it's titled 君 station. At first i was unable to listen along to the song cos the werent any speakers in the lab and none of my friends brought their earphones so i just had to settle down with watching the video only.

The 2 funny covers.

The video started with Naoto making a call to the other members while he was enjoying the setting sun at the beach ( i think invited the others to come and enjoy the sun together if i'm not mistaken) and the scenes that follow were those of Hiroki, Ryo and Yamato running towards his location. Yoh drove there!! Mwahahahahaha..

The video upsetted me a lil at first, cos it gave me a sad feeling.

And now, back at home, i got to listen to the song, and i am quite satisfied with it! I like Yamato's voice in this cos it's not so.. nasally? =P

Thank you Orange Range and i still love you guys!

and i love you! Gimme more!

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