Sunday, March 16, 2008

This blog almost died due to lack of postings while my readers almost died due to lack of posts.

Sorry peeps.

Let me summarize what i have been doing.

Went to a Malay wedding with my coursemates.

Had my course dinner.

Played bowling.

Went to Golden Key International Society dinner.

Screwed some people up.


Anyways, pictures will be available on facebook, won't be putting anymore photos in my multiply account i guess.


And i got a place for my industrial training! Phew~

I was given a place in Simhan (M) Sdn. Bhd. after Yen Lin decided to skip it and go to Wiengard/Wienguard/WeeNgardd/wateverla and although i was quite unhappy about it at first (of coursela, ego tercalar sekejap) but then i decided that i should be thankful because it's really, really near my place back at home! (Like, across the LDP highway)

I was actually hoping to get a place in PIE Control since Wen Zhen is going there, and we could have rented a place together but i got a reply from the company saying that they can't accept me since they already took in FIVE UNITEN students.


Anyways, padan muka to slow turtles/tortoises like me. あたちは。。かめです!


Getting a little worried that EC has not gotten a place yet. Was hoping so much to go to the same place.. =P
Ugh. Lab reports are calling me. Bwai~

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