Sunday, March 02, 2008


I spent my weekend in front of the laptop, typing away lab reports.

I think this is the first time (EVER!) that i had used up my time wisely, on all the necessary tasks.

It felt good.

However, i have yet to finish my reports, the printer's stuck, my phone is rebelling against me and i watched 時をかける少女 (The Girl who Leapt Through Time). It is an animated film based on a novel and manga and if i'm not mistaken it has won award for The Best Anime of the Year or something like that.

I was first introduced to this anime from fang, and have been wanting to watch it but it slipped off my mind. Until i came across it in

Apa lagi, saya tengoklah!

Anyways, let me summarize the movie for you all, k?

It tells a story of a high school girl who got into an accident in a lab and got some sort of changing numbers printed on her arm. She nearly got involved in an accident (with a train! =O) on her way to see her Witch Aunt but somehow, she got transported back into the moments where she was a few seconds away from getting the accident!

Amazed, surprised, shocked by the incident, she related the whole story to Aunt Witch who casually said that teenage girls have the ability to time-leap. I wonder if she was bluffing or watla..

Slowly, she learnt how to time-leap on her own, rewinding her time if she's not satisfied with the current moments. Of course, her actions had some consequences which led to many people especially her friends getting hurt and in the end, she found out a shocking news which led to some sad scenesla.

So, if u all want to know more about the story, go crunchyroll it, k?

Plus plus, i also watched Check It Out, Yo!, a japanese movie about friends who are quite blur about their future first, but then found out that they wanted to be hip-hop artists! The movie revolves around their friendship (3 boys and a tomboy), love, life etcs.

But the best part hor, i tell youla, this is the first movie with so many Orange Range songs!


Okayla, maybe 5 songs is nothing muchla, but it still means a lot to me!

Supposedly i wanted to blog about the Indian Cultural Night event that i attended yesterday, but i guess i'll combine it with the Chinese New Year Cultural Nightla.

That's it for now!

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