Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm IT-less.

(IT=industrial training)

Wait, I'm ITplace-less.

I applied in four companies, and have yet to get any replies. One of them is not answering my calls.


Unlike other people, i'm not panicking so muchla. I don't see any reason why i should be in panic mode. For now.

Went through www.jobstreet.com to browse through their internship offer list and almost pengsan-ed when most of the companies are so engrossed with engineering students. No offense to engineering students, you guys are great! It's just that, is there something wrong with Applied Sciences students?

I begin to wonder if there is something wrong with my course (Electronics Physics and Instrumentations. Sounds so yeng, right?). I am certain that many companies have problems in recognising this course of mine so maybe that's the purpose we attached our course structure when applying for internships and jobs.

My 2nd last resort: My own father. Cables, cables...

My lastest last resort: Terengganu.


Maybe i should panic now.

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