Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All the comfort in the world..

.. comes partially from these three girls who has been with me through thick or thin, despite all the problems that had arised.

Of course we piss each other off. That's normal. But i'm happy to have them with me, and i hope to go all out with them til the end.

Me and my kakis.

6 different individuals who were brought close together after a series of fortunate/unfortunate events.

You guys have seen me cry, throw tantrums, go crazy and laugh my heart out.

For that, thank you for staying by my side.

I am sorry that more than 6 might be a crowd, but that doesn't mean we're not friends. I know who are my friends, i know who aren't, and i know who make up the little speck of dust in my life.

Alongside them, and together with my Pee Jay kakis, i hope to live life to the fullest.


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