Monday, March 24, 2008

Teachers i would like to have

I finished watching Gokusen!

Been watching the drama while taking breaks from studying/assignmenting this few weeks.

There are a few similarities between Gokusen and Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) such as how the teachers were placed into the naughtiestest class in school and how they are a bit sensitive with the Guru Besar (Head Teacher) calling their homeroom students trash.
But then the head teacher in GTO got a nice crescent kick from Onizuka せんせい on the first episode.

Unlike GTO, where Onizuka せんせい is actually a college dropout who's been dreaming of becoming a teacher and got someone to sit for his teacher qualification exam, Yamaguchi Kumiko (or Yankumi, as how her Class 3-D students call her) is actually the grandaughter of a yakuza boss. She is supposed to take over the family's business and head the organization. However, just like her mother (her parents passed away when she was in elementary school and her grandfather took her in) she refused to take over the business and wanted to become a teacher instead!

I want to become yakuza boss! XP

Anyways, like GTO, every episode of Gokusen shows different kinds of trouble/adventures for the students and teachers in Shirokin High.

Looking forward to watch the 2nd season!

And i hate Oguri Shun's hair in Gokusen. However, he appeared in GTO too! I think he must have been quite young at that time! But i still like his looks in Hanazakari no Kimitachie~


So everybody, if you want to watch how a yakuza boss-in-line handles her wacky life at school, please watch Gokusen, k? Nakama Yukie is really pretty without her pigtails and nerdy glasses (teacher, non-yakuza mode)! Oh, and watch GTO too! Takeshi Sorimachi is just way darn cool, man! And his wife is so beaaaooottttteeffffooool and 可愛い!

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