Monday, March 31, 2008

Test on Wednesday. On the right track with studying.


Life has been stagnant, with the occasional almost-volcanoe-will-erupti modes.

However, yesterday bombed.

Finally, i realised that it takes a lot of courage to confront someone, especially someone who has done not much wrong to you, except for the fact that the person is associated to someone you not ngam with.

I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes and soft, polite people.

Yesh, that's true. It's hard staying irrationally mad at someone who's like an angel (or almost) or someone who treats me well. Like EC. =P

Nevertheless, i am so sorry that i had to decline having another housemate, since 5 to me, is a crowd. I was this close in deciding to move out, just to leave things peacefully. However, the arrogant side of me told me that i have been tolerating endless nonsense too long a time that could have landed me in Tanjung Rambutan/Taman Bahagia or whereever equivalent.

But hey, at least i asked.

Nonsense kills.

Say TAK NAK to nonsense.


But say yes to Starbucks!

Ohkie, i miss Starbucks.

i miss you my beloved mocha, banana muffin, blackberrygreenteafrap etcs...

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