Monday, August 06, 2007


Ku malas.

Malas ingin menyambung semula laporan eksperimenku selepas menghabiskan satu mangkuk Maggi berperisa Tom Yam kepunyaan Yng Jiun yang telah dimasak bersama sayur, sosej dan 'fu chok'.



I'm supposed to be finishing my two lab reports due in less than 10 hours' time but i'm not because i'm just too lazy.

Laziness. Is it one of the PMS-es?

I hope so.

Agh. I did it again! I can't believe i have no self-control.

Sad, sad.

And to think that i'm being demanding.

I am NOT demanding.

It's just that i deserve better.

Don't you think so?

Back to emo issues here..

Been doing a lot of thinking every night before falling asleep, and i realised that i may be putting myself in a position that might get me hurt one day. Everytime i told myself to stop it, my brains just stop functioning for awhile and i lost the battle between rationality and.. urh.. fantasy?

It's just unfair. I just want to spend more time with him. But i'm supposed to wait until the holidays.

Why must wait until the holidays?

I should complain to him about this.

Selfish i am not.


Emo betul.

Benci. Benci. Benci.


  1. you doing material science??
    don't be so lazy la. second year already la..
    Hocmun was here by the way.
    hope you still remember me..

  2. heyz...actually, i've been wondering who it is that's bothering your mind lately. is it the guy that visits you guys often? :D

    anyways, that's my guess lah. try not to let it bother you till it affects your studies or health... the first test for this sem should be around the corner dy, so 'add oil' la hor? :)

    if you need anyone who's not closely related to talk to, remember that i live very very the nearby.

  3. feel myself useless...because can't help you since i should be the "nearest" to you right now...
    i wanna to be alert for what is happening between us everyday...but sorry for can't concern very much sometimes! because i scare...scare that if i help, there will be something worse still to happen...i am timid!
    i know you're in a difficult situation...sorry for can't help anything, and sorry that i can't be a good listener for you.
    anyhow, i really hope that you will be ok...this is the only thing that i can do for you, pray for you.
    sorry that i am being stupid all the times...
    support you forever!

  4. Boy u need a party. If I were u, I'd go to the beach with some friends n have a BBQ there. Prolly camp there 1 night too.

    Haha... chill man!


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