Thursday, August 09, 2007


I wonder if people get kicks out of showing off their body.

I mean their WHOLE body.

We have a flasher in the neighbourhood!


And it's Feli's and Kristen's neighbour!!

Been hearing about his pientai-ness but never thought would be able to witness it! Got a call around 10-sumthing where we were called to go over to their place cos their neighbour was showing off his assets while poor Feli was hanging her laundry! For safety purposes, me and Mun Yee brought along a coursemate, Alex cos we thought that it would be safer if there was a guy.

And poor Alex. He saw everything. EVERYTHING.

Somehow i feel that the guy is extremely very proud of his assets (Alex said the same thing). I shud stand by with my camera phone next time. But the results might be disappointing cos my camera couldn't shoot that well. This is as far as it can go:

Taken from my house gate using my N73, maximum zoom

Gosh. He's really comfortable with himself. I hope he doesn't scare the innocent, lil kids in the neighbourhood.

Especially ME.



I have a very messy studying table.

Since i'm sharing the room with Mun Yee, both of us had decided to study and do our work outside and leave the room for sleeping/changing clothes/napping/etc. Since the previous tenants left three tables, the girls gave me the biggest table (because they know i like my working/studying space BIG and HUGE) to mess up!

And i have definitely been using the space well!

Despite the messiness, don't you think i'm very P.A.T.R.I.O.T.I.C.?


(2nd year) Physics students hard at work:

What we do in class during free time:

Trim each other's hair. Can open up salon leh!

sleep.... ZZZZZZZzzz

Wear clothes of (almost) the same shade

Disturb other people when they are doing their labwork

Take picture of mouse(s) and mousepad(s)

These are only a few examples. For more, please attach a camera on any of the Physics students. I'm pretty sure you'll be happy.

As you can see, it's not all about Physics, Electronics and Instrumentations for us.

It's all about enjoying ourselves.



Regarding the previous post, i would like to thank all those who left comments.

I made you all worry, didn't I?

To Feli: Ah, i think it's not worth it right to let a guy affect my health and studies? Don't worry about me, k? Thanks for the offer too, might drop by someday for a chat! =P Good luck in your tests!

To Teik Keen: Yeah. I so need a party. And i'll make him a PART of my life. Not my LIFE. =)

To Hoc Mun: Of cos i remember you. I'm studying Applied Science. Where you at now?

To Anonymous: Thank you. Don't get so stressed about me, k? I'm glad if you could be my ears when i need them, but it's better that i don't involve so many people in this. I'm happy for your prayers, and i pray the same for you, and i pray that the Lord up there will answer all your prayers.

Thank you people!

Live everyday as if it's our last

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