Monday, October 03, 2016

Hallo October 2016!

Hie readers!


I'm gonna cut the chase and just update my life here lah.

Pokemon Go:

Latest eats:

Madame Waffle at One Utama, yesterday.

Might or might not put them in one of the Food Roundup posts, been slacking on that too. :P But the waffles were quite good, but they're not your ordinary waffle sizes. A little bit small for me haha.


Been into RADWIMPS a lot lately. Like A LOT. It's been a while since any Japanese band caught my attention since UVERworld. I'm still considering whether I should purchase their album which is due to be out end of November, as the limited version has a DVD containing performance from their 10th year anniversary concert last year OR their ×と○と君と (Batsu to Maru to Kimi to) DVD, which contains most of my favourite songs from them (but not their latest DVD)!

After going through their albums, I've decided my favourite song is 有心論, which was released in 2006 (lol wtf 10 years ago hahaha the video is also a bit lol go look for it!)

Life in general:
  • I still have no love for my job. I just do it for the pay, and until I can figure out what's next for me.
  • One good friend got proposed recently, one friend who got married in 2014 is currently 3 months' pregnant.. and I'm still single and considering to stay single for the rest of my life. LOL.
  • Planning to go to Tokyo next year if my finances allow it. Or anywhere I can catch UVERworld and/or RADWIMPS in concert.
  • I still have no idea what's my aim in life.

I guess that's it for now! Gonna end with this video:

September-san by RADWIMPS from their Ao to Mememe DVD. If you watch properly Yojiro Noda had braces on! :O #eagleeye

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