Monday, September 05, 2016


I've been listening to RADWIMPS' 前前前世 (Zenzenzense) A LOT lately.

前世(zense) = previous live

It's been a while since I enjoyed another Japanese band as much as UVERworld, but I'm hooked with this song. The lyrics are kinda cute and aww-ish (sweet) too. :)

It's one of the songs for the movie 君の名は。(Your name.) which was released in Japan 26 August 2016.

The trailer looks promising! Looks like some body-changing going there but towards the end something heartbreaking will happen? 

No No No Train to Busan already made me cry buckets this one cannot also oohhhh..

So far those who had managed to catch it during the Anime Expo and Japan has been raving on this movie.

Vocalist of RADWIMPS, Yojiro Noda tweeted this:

Follow him on Twitter: @YojiNoda1

I hope it'll be released in Malaysia too! *pleasepleaseplease*

And guess what? The whole soundtrack for this movie is by the band.

Because of this song, I have become a RADWIMPS fan.


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