Thursday, September 01, 2016

Roy Kim was in Paradigm Mall!

I had absolutely no idea about this until my youngest sister tagged me a video taken by a fan at KLIA when he arrived.


So after Googling I found out that he would be in Paradigm Mall the next day (the day after my sister tagged me).

That Friday morning, I decided before leaving for work that I would go watch him, and prayed hard that he would sing my favourite song, Home.

Got to Paradigm Mall at 7pm and decided to go a floor above the event place, which was at UG Level.

Some fans started screaming when he arrived 10 minutes before the time the showcase was supposed to start.

The event started on time (plus point)!

The first song he performed was his cover of Stefanie Sun's 天黑黑.

I was a little bit disappointed in the sound system, but we can't expect much since it was done in a mall.

After that he just used his guitar for the remaining songs, which was really amazing.

Stay tuned for the video at the end of this post, a little compilation of videos I shot from the showcase.

When he sang Pinocchio, he was sweet enough to position himself at both sides of the stage.

Thank you.

Then a short interview. The emcee for the event is Peace Teo from Myfm.

We found out that Malaysia was his last leg of the promo tour, as he will be returning to US for his studies.

I remember I screamed so loud when he asked the audience what we wanted to hear.


I couldn't help tearing when he performed Home.

Home is such a beautiful song. When I first heard it, I thought "wow he has such a great voice" and then when I read its translation, it made me cry. So feel free to Google it har.

Don't blame me if you cry ok?

Stop for another short chit chat and photo session.

Then he performed his final song, 봄봄봄 (Bom Bom Bom), his first single after winning Superstar K.

He surely had diehard fans among the audience since they knew the right moments to chant during the song XD

lucky whoever who got the pick

After a short break the fast meet-n-greet session happened.

Those who had stickers were given pre-signed photocard of him.

since we couldn't be down there LOL

Last fan service before leaving..

and bye bye

The next day he was scheduled to be in SJK(C) Sam Chai, Ipoh for Myfm's Dare Dare Come 2.0 Go! event!

I was happy that I decided to go and see him, and look forward to his full concert someday. I am amazed how he can wow with just his voice and his guitar. Although I admit that I don't really follow his releases besides his Home album, he's an artiste that I don't mind watching if there's an opportunity.

Good luck in your studies Roy!

Hope to see you again!

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