Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Food Roundup: May 2016

Welcome to another edition of Food Roundup!

I know I know it's the first for 2016, I DID take a lot of food photos from January but somehow ever since my laptop died and with all the moving, I lost my passion to blog.

Damn sad.

But no worries, I am (trying to be) back in the game! I would love to finish posting about my Japan trip last year, so give me the strength to locate my camera!

The Library Coffee Bar, Publika

Went to try this place since we saw it packed one day. It has set meals as well.


chicken carbonara spaghetti

So I took the chicken carbonara spaghetti with latte combo priced at RM16. The spaghetti was too milky for my liking.

We also ordered two slices of crepe cakes:

french cheese salted caramel

choc peanut butter

The salted caramel one is so good! And I'm a fan of salted caramel so.. yeah. Salted caramel ftw!

MyeongDong Topokki, Paradigm Mall

This restaurant replaced Crazy Potato opposite Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks. I first noticed it in Sunway Pyramid and since we were looking for dinner, I suggested to my sister that we should try it out.

I ordered the Doenjang Jjigae set which was really refreshing! I like my doenjang (or dwenjang?) a little on the spicy side. No wait I actually like my soups to be a little spicy actually. Haha.

Next time might try out its topokki!

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, One Utama

Me and my sisters love this place.

We love our refills! Especially the tonjiru and salad, which I would drown in the sesame dressing provided.

potato and tuna salad

mameton set - comes with prawn, pork loin and pork fillet

Aggghhh just looking at this makes my mouth water!

Bonus photo:

first proper dinner cooked in the new place with my sisters - honey mustard chicken from BIG, over roasted; Knorr instant soup, bok choy in oyster sauce and tofu

That's all!

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