Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Random Quartet's 2015 Xmas Dinner in Mezze Bistro, Medan Damansara

Even though Christmas was yesterday..


So the eldest of the quartet proposed that we have a Christmas AND year-closing dinner and being gluttons food-lovers we were, we agreed to it, choosing the eve of Christmas Eve (geddit? geddit?) since Christmas Eve was also a holiday!

Mezze Bistro, located at Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara (the row behind Victoria Station and etc.) was finally chosen as our dinner spot since WL had been there twice! Personally I went through a few reviews and found out it was a good place too.

According to its website, it serves "modern tapas and dishes inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean with influences of old Europe and Asia".

Err... okay.

WL booked and got ourselves a table in the inner corner, away from the bar. However, as the night goes deep, we couldn't block ourselves from a very lively bunch near the bar counter. LOL.

WL is super-proud of this photo

We decided to order for sharing. I wouldn't say the menu is VERY extensive but we still had a hard time choosing.

our table suddenly became small after all the food came LOL

Mezze's Mushroom Soup

The Mezze's Mushroom Soup was just okay. It left a sour aftertaste which none of us could identify. I prefer d'italiane's one to this.

Small Charcuterie Platter

I suggested we order the Charcuterie Platter since I was feeling adventurous. I've always thought eating slices of cold cuts, paired with different types of cheese and wine very classy.. even though I'm not a fan of wine. #truestory

Not really sure what we ate actually - it was a mixture of cuts of meats, hams, sausages, pates and terrines with pickles (me love!). It came together with a variety of bread.

bread accompanying the platter

Overall the platter was an interesting dish, especially to us who are not use to cured meats other than hams. It took me a few bites before I got really interested in it. Most of the time while I was chewing I kept thinking "what meat is this?" "which part is this?" "this has a bit of spiciness" etc. etc.

Christmas Ham (200g)

We were recommended the Christmas Ham, which was served together with house-made raisin sauce, one of the stars of the night. The ham slices were not at all salty, and it went well with the sweet raisin sauce.

San Daniel Pizza

A quick browse on Foursquare led me to choose the San Daniel Pizza, which ended a little bit.. disastrous? The Italian cured ham was a little new to us - I was even put off with the strong pork scent and CS even wondered if it was safe to eat LOL

Then I found out that the best way to eat it is by chewing together with the brie.


Another star of the night, something I would come back for - the carbonara. This is the first time I'm being served carbonara with egg yolk (raw?) which made it really, really creamy. Since we had it for sharing, I didn't find it too much. I even ate it with the other meats.

Crepe Suzette

Dessert was the Crepe Suzette. The caramelish sauce was also made with orange juice and Grand Marnier. I didn't fancy it that much since the crepe was soggy. I just spooned out the sauce with the vanilla ice-cream and that was the bomb for me. #closetalcoholicatwork

My verdict? I wouldn't mind going to Mezze again and try it's other offerings, particularly the duck liver pate and pork sausages. Price wise, it was still okay. We had all of the above plus two bottles of wine and 2 half-pints of Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc (for me!) and it came about RM140/person, but we don't always spend that much everytime we meet.

And also I like the environment, although it got noisy towards midnight that night.

I can just eat and leave by 11.


one for the future! (why do I look drunk?!)

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