Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Starbucks Singapore 2016 Planner

Hands up if you're a Starbucks planner collector like me!

Well, I'm not really a collector, I end up getting one every year even though I don't finish using all the pages.. then they'd end up collecting dust and the pages became outdated for me to use.

I mean, I can't be using 2013 planner in 2015, right?

I only wrote about the 2013 Starbucks Malaysia planner even though I have the 2012, 2014 and 2015 ones. I did not finish using any of them except for the 2015 one, which i regularly used since I used up my work planner.

the 2015 Starbucks Malaysia planner

I was trying to find out how the 2016 planner would look like so I ended up searching for it a few months back. While Starbucks Singapore had already released information on its 2016 planner, Starbucks Malaysia didn't (at that time).

So I got my brother to buy the Singapore one for me. About a week after that, Malaysia released information on its planner and to get it one has to purchase 12 (grande and above) beverages using your Starbucks card and 3 of the beverages have to be the Christmas beverages.

The 2016 planner for Starbucks Singapore is a Moleskine exclusive for Singapore, which is what Malaysia is not getting. It's priced at SGD38.90, but you can get it at SGD28.90 when you reload SGD50 into a Starbucks card.

Which my brother did. HE BOUGHT A CARD JUST SO THAT HE CAN BUY THE PLANNER CHEAPER. And he doesn't go to Starbucks that often. #touched


I have always been intrigued by Moleskine planners, but could never get around to spend a lot of money just for a notebook. I came across the Doraemon ones while in Kinokuniya one day, but oh boy! I'm not gonna spend RM100+ for one! Especially if the Doraemon caricatures were only on the covers and few first pages.

Doraemon <3

I am still 4 beverages away from owning the Malaysia one, will update if I end up getting it. Truthfully, I was only interested in the Malaysia one since it comes with a case/cover/envelope/bag/whateveryoucallit! The planner itself has plain white covers with the green Starbucks logo, but the insides are colourful! PW lost interested in it because she said it wasn't suitable for her line of work LOL

The planner comes with a card, but I gave it to my brother since it can only be used in Singapore. He was like "if I knew it comes with a card I would have not bought one"


It comes with a pocket, useful to put in notes etc, but might be too big for your cards.

The planner also comes with the usual Moleskine quality control/identification number sticker which every Moleskine planner has.

2016 calendar

I don't think I will be rewarding anyone for finding my planner haha

Example of month page

The month pages are placed at the front. Personally, I prefer each month to be followed by a few writing pages instead of them all being placed at the front. :(

Very narrow lines!

For Notes

The unruled/unsquared pages were titled Notes. I prefer my pages with lines, please, but I'll get around with it lah.

I'm not really sure how to use the squared pages. I used this when for Mathematics in school and that was it. Maybe I could plot bigger squares to practise my kanji LOLOL

So that's about it. I hope I will fully utilise it, though I might not use it for work (TOO PRECIOUS FOR WORK).

Will update if I ever do get the Malaysian one! :D

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