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Food Roundup: October 2015


It's already the second last month of 2015!

And I'm still not done with my Siem Reap and Japan trips' posts!


#sorrynotsorry so let's get on with the latest edition of Food Roundup!

1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jalan Gasing

My family frequents this place whenever we feel like eating chicken rice, usually after visiting Wat Chetawan nearby.

tofu with minced meat - the gravy goes well with rice!

I think this place has been renamed a few times! I can't remember the old name.

this is one whole chicken. just normal chicken. there's kampung chicken available too

We usually order the steamed chicken. Don't expect your chicken to be fully cooked. Some pieces still had blood traces LOL but we makan jer.

pork balls soup. there's fish ball soup as well. the price goes by the.. balls.

siew yok for you pork lovers

A family favourite place, since Ipoh is far. I forgot to take photos of the beansprouts (taugeh), but of course they were not as big as the ones in Ipoh lor.

Sepiring, Midvalley Megamall

Decided to try this place on a day out with mom and Lene.

It serves lunch sets which comes with a main, a drink and a hot dessert (small). They were really good! The bubur chacha was thick and creamy, and they're not stingy with yam and sweet potatoes. It was a little bit on the sweeter side, but I liked it! The other dessert, I can't remember the name, some treasure something, which is like your usual tong sui with ginko nuts and etc., was good as well I was tempted to order a normal sized one haha

I decided to order ala carte because I wanted to drink coffee, and the gula melaka latte caught my eye!

can see the layers?

It tasted like gula melaka with milk. I couldn't taste the coffee that much that it made me wonder whether there was really coffee inside LOL. But I superlike the foam! The sprinkles of gula melaka went so well with the foam can I just drink the foam next time? :P

Me and mom ordered curry laksa and nyonya laksa. They were good, the gravy was thick. Except that I find the char siu-ish chicken slices a bit odd to be in that dish.

Mom's nyonya laksa had a slightly sourish taste and a little bit lighter in terms of gravy's texture. Still slurp-worthy though.

Sepiring also serves local snacks like keropok lekor and yam cake (we saw one guy having a plate of it!), so do give it a try if you're looking for some local cuisine (but not wanting to eat at the food court haha)

Hei Sushi, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya

Back then, Alamanda only had Sushi King to satisfy its community. And I have no idea where it moved to.

Alamanda had its GSC floor renovated, now it has Pos Malaysia, absolute thai, Sukiya and Nando's got moved there as well.

cute container for wasabi paste!

Decided to try this place with my lunch partners. And we were attracted to its lunch sets.

A friend recommended us to try its jackfruit roll.

Normal sushi places would be using avocado but Hei Sushi decided to innovate and use jackfruit instead. It was interesting to try, but it's not like, fantastic. Just different.

Each lunch set comes with Red Passion Soda, which is quite refreshing. The white part tasted like Calpis, laced with syrup (rose?) and sprinkled (??) with basil seeds.

Hei Tori Specialty Set

The Hei Tori Specialty set comes with grilled chicken and otak-otak roll. The sambal is like kuah kacang (for satay) and the chicken pieces did have that barbecued sweet satay taste. Comes with a bowl of miso soup, 2 rice err..pieces? some cuts of fruits and mango kerabu.

Tori set

Tori set reminded me of nasi lemak because of its sambal. Comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup. The chicken tasted slightly different than the Hei Tori specialty set. Seems like it was just grilled without much marinade so that it wouldn't overpower the sambal.

Tempura set

I had the Tempura set, which came with tempura prawn and vegetables. The best part about my set is..

..this maguro (tuna) steaks sandwiched between buns! The steaks were thick and juicy, and surprisingly fresh! If I knew it was that good I would have just ordered it ala carte!

The three of us agreed that we might not return here, because we're not into fusion Japanese, so we would happily return to our usual Sushi Zanmai.

Sadly, I'm moving back to KL to work, so I'm really gonna miss eating Sushi Zanmai with my lunch partners.

Italiannies, Alamanda Shopping Centre, Putrajaya

I was bummed when I found out that Dome is no longer in Alamanda. I love going to Dome for its aglio olio whenever I'm eating solo.

But to my delight Italiannies appeared!

Although no point for me lah since I won't be working in Putrajaya anymore.

No more paying RM8.40/day for tolls though!

Anyways, this is what I had during my second visit here:

shrimp and mushroom linguine


ham and mushroom pizza (rustic dough)

The linguine was hard, like it didn't reach its desired al dente-ness LOL. Such a pity because the other elements of the pasta were on their tops.

For the pizza, we decided to go for this since it ran out of the smoked salmon pizza.

WHHAAAATTT???? How can? Hmmph.

It was okayla. Nothing special.

Huhuhuhuhu I still wanz my smoked salmon.

Okayla. See you all next month!

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