Saturday, October 17, 2015

Siem Reap 2015: Angkor Wat

trying to pass off as statues into the temple complex

This is a continuation from the watching sunrise post. And it is filled with more photos than words. Trust me. So if you just want to see photos, this post is for you! Yeay!

After finishing breakfast, our guide (who I don't remember his name, and I don't think I will ever) brought us to enter the temple complex.

Instead of taking us through the main entrance, he brought us through the left side of the complex.

We took many photos even before entering the complex haha I don't know how our guide can tahan us.


she was jealous of my butt i guess

belakang tiang Hindi-movie-ish shot

another one. boy we love our tiangs!

The outer walls of the complex are filled with sculptures resulted by the different regimes. 

Heaven and Hell

Different regimes practices different religion, therefore you can see both Buddhist and Hindu influences on the walls.

This image one of the punishments for those who committed sins

I find the images eerie, but fascinating at the same time. I've always been interested in reading about these kind of things.

Then we proceeded into the inner compound.

wish-making done seriously

you can find many headless statues like this

Images of Apsara

The stairs leading to the highest ground of the complex.

They're pretty steep.

Our guide told us that stairs in Angkor Wat were made steep, because they're not meant for humans. Just Gods. :O

the master of posing among us four

dunno why my face liddis

Then we went back down, which was a little scary affair. I'm not the kind which is afraid of heights, but I was quite slow in descending. Yala mana tau tergolek/guling jatuh bawah. Bikin malu saja.

We exited through the main door. And our guide recommended us to take photos on the (dead) grass area in front.

Obviously we didn't say no to the suggestion.

Then we began the journey to leave the complex.

this is a library. or used to be.

Spotted a few couples taking wedding photographs.

It was hot! But then again, I wouldn't mind having my wedding photos taken with Angkor Wat as the background.

It is definitely enchanting, in a mysterious way.

Was thinking of bringing my parents here, but I'm not sure they're capable of climbing up and down with their weak knees.

After leaving Angkor Wat, we were brought to Angkor Thom, to visit Bayon Temple, which I will cover in my next post on this trip!

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