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Food Roundup: September 2015


Another month just passed so it's time for another food roundup!


As usual, sorry if I don't get names right!

Daorae Express, Paradigm Mall

Daorae Express is one of my favourite places for non-BBQ Korean food as it is the nearest to my house and reasonably priced. I would prefer DubuYo (previously known as Dubu Dubu) for its extensive menu, but the latter is pork-free, and is located nowhere as near as Daorae Express.

kimchijeon, which don't look like they have that much kimchi LOL

kimchi jigae (pork)


It's a place I would frequent, especially when I wouldn't know what to eat in Paradigm Mall.

Big Bob Burger & Coffee, DPulze Cyberjaya

One of the places I wish I had discovered earlier before DPulze became packed since now its cinema is opened.

As usual was with my Friday lunch partner and she suddenly wanted to have burgers so we thought why not? and going to Sushi Zanmai would be pushing it LOL (because we went too often)

iced latte with burger, I must be kidding myself

We both ordered the Classic Cheese Burger (chicken) and when they were sent to us, we were puzzled why we had no fries. I mean how can you have no fries with your burgers?!

onion rings with cheese sauce - ohmygod so sinful but so good

Apparently we forgot to add-on, but seriously, their menu was hard to decipher (for me anyways). We saw people ordering onion rings but they weren't on the menu. So we asked and it was on one of the pamphlets, which was not anywhere near the cashier wtf.

more cheesy goodness!

Yeah we went back to order fries and onion rings in the end.

Burger was good. It's huge and satisfying, maybe a little pricey, but of course, it's not your regular fast food burger.

Good Food & Co., Jaya Shopping Centre

Brother was back so we went to Jaya Shopping Centre, one of the places we frequented during our younger years.

Somehow there weren't that many food options though do have places to try, so we went to the highest floor to try this small cafe.



chicken sandwich

shakshouka, with lamb sausage as add on

roast chicken - one of the recommended dishes

sausages & mash

Wouldn't mind going there again!

d'italiane, Paradigm Mall

Another favourite place of mine! Seafood risotto is yums!

one of my favourite beers

seafood chowder

Somehow I feel like the soup portion had gotten smaller. Hmmm.

seafood risotto - will go back for this

smoked duck pizza

alfredo salmon pasta

Second Sunday, Damansara Uptown

Found a new place to try out.

We wanted to have brunch, but it seemed like only breakfast menu was available. Their other heavier stuff are available after about 5.30pm on..weekdays?

Whateverla, too lazy to head anywhere else.

i kinda like the colour of this cup and saucer

The cafe is a little small, so they have maybe about 10 tables or so. We were second in line but it didn't get too long for us to secure a table.

pankek - pandan pancakes

french toast

My french toast was a little chewy. :(

chubby latte! so cute!

Well no harm trying! I did take a bite of the pankek but I can't remember how it tasted.

Fa Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall

Finally tried this Thai restaurant in Paradigm Mall.

seafood tomyam

plain spicy mango salad

green curry chicken

stir-fried eggplant with oyster sauce and dried shrimp

Most of their dishes were spicy. The stir-fried eggplant dish was hard, maybe uncooked. I prefer my eggplants soft thankyouverymuch.

We also ordered pineapple fried rice which was good! Rice was the usual sticky-ish kind, and flavourful.

Madam Kwan's, Sunway Pyramid

Brought mom here while out shopping with her and sis.

I love nasi lemak. Period.


But I don't think it's THE BEST place to have it. Sure the acar (pickles) is nice, the rendang was so-so. The sambal was also so-so for me.

Won, iSETAN One Utama

The first time I went to this restaurant with PW, it had more extensive menu. Now the menu is what you see in the above photo while the other side is about its unlimited all you can buffet for a price, which I can't remember.

The kimchi jigae was good. But the side dish that came with it was only kimchi. No other banchans. I wanz banchans!

Sister wanted to have kimbap but it's not available that day.

Not sure I will return, unless they revamp the menu.

Franco, One Utama

I'm not a big fan of this place.

vanilla softee

iced coffee with softee

Its iced coffee was so bitter, but that's not the main reason. Well, they did forget to give me syrup.

berry cheesecake parfait

I just like its french toast, which I had at the IOI City Mall branch.

cream cheese souffle pancake

The souffle pancake, was like a thicker version of a pancake. Comes in original or cream cheese version.

At the IOI City Mall branch I had these:

iced matcha latte with matcha softee

french toast - that's not a scoop of ice-cream though, just cream

vegetarian pasta

Was vegetarian month for me so I had the vegetarian pasta, which comes with grilled vegetables and onsen egg! The egg goes well with the pasta, which I suspect just spaghetti tossed with olive oil, salt, black pepper and grilled vegetables.

Simple yet satisfying.

But I wouldn't say I crave for this place. I think I might go only when there are no places to go. Haha.

Williams Corner, Taman Mayang Jaya

After 10 plus years, I'm back.

kedondong asam boi

A place famous for big portions.

I didn't expect to see prawns in my nasi goreng ketam (crab fried rice). I'd rather have them replacing the prawns with more soft-shelled crab pieces.

chicken chop

The gravy for the chops we ordered lacked flavour, it's like watery black pepper sauce. Compensated by okay-okay mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

gouda cheese naan

I was taken aback when they served the gouda cheese naan. I failed to notice in blogs that recommended this that they sauces were butter, condensed milk, coffee and chocolate..

What happened to good old curry/dhal?!

lamb chops

Maybe next time I shall try the meat platter and the pasta.

BingSu, Damansara Uptown

Sister brought us to this place where she had good soft-shaved ice called:

bingsu, not bingu ya?

free tea and the number calling thingie

how greedy we were..

Ordered the black sesame, durian mango and strawberry cheese (methinks) bingsus.

black sesame bingsu

My sister was right. They were so soft and fluffy! They're quite pricey, at about RM17+/bowl, but a bowl is good enough for sharing. My favourite is definitely the black sesame one.

It's a good place to hang out with your friends and family too, as they provide board games as well.

Me and my youngest sister got excited when Beenzino's Boogie On & On played in the cafe! Haha how often to I get to hear one of the Illionaires' songs get played anywhere else.

Will go again when I have bingsu cravings! ^^

Ok that's all. Til next month then!

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