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Siem Reap 2015: The Random Quartet's 1st Trip

Such a long delay. I'm not sure whether I would be able to finish blogging about my Siem Reap trip since I've forgotten a lot of things. I'll just post photos la hor. Will be breaking down the trip into a few posts!

Being friends for more than 10 years, we thought it was high time for us to embark on our first trip together, as The Random Quartet.

Why did we call ourselves The Random Quartet?

Well, there are four of us, and we're always doing random things.

One time we were so into tennis, that everyone except me bought rackets. Then we got into hiking and everyone bought new shoes/hiking poles/sticks. We even got shared Wunderlist errr..list, which is filled with mostly food.

Somehow we ended up with choosing Siem Reap as our first trip together, and the trip was set at the end of January, since there was Thaipusam holiday replacement on the last Monday.

Me, WL and CS took the bus from Paradigm Mall to KLIA.

Guess which belongs to who.

We checked in first because PW was coming a little later and we were hungry LOL.

I love McCafe drinks


We had so much time to kill so we took many photos in the departure hall. Too embarrassed to be shown here. WL made us walk and down the hallway (and also on that moving belt thingie) just to get good shots!

fluffy fluffy clouds

We flew with MAS since it was a 10-ish flight and the ticket price was cheaper by about RM100 compared to AirAsia.

keeping track

I have an obsession with plane wings!

The weather was hot, hot, hot.

The hotel that we booked came with a pick-up. I was not bothered about knowing what kind of transportation it was, I was informed to look for someone carrying a sign with my name on it.

Oh boy when we saw it we were just dumbfounded for a while. So sorry no photos because I was speechless and I was scared my friends would be disappointed. Haha.

We were picked up by an auto rickshaw - y'know the motorcycle kind with a carrier attached to it. Just imagine 4 people WITH 4 luggages on it. One luggage had to be put at the backseat of the motorcycle LOL

Next time must ask.

Booked a boutique hotel off called the Secrets Pavilion Urban Boutique Hotel. Upon arrival we were served with drinks, but check-in took quite some time because our rooms were not ready.

Took two superior twin rooms which came up to RM1,080.48 for 4 nights.

There are no windows in the room. I am not kidding you.

beautiful wall

Hey, we can watch TV1 here!


Bathroom needs some sewage/ventilation repair though. It stank once in a while. Bearable though.

nah mirror selfie LOL

The hotel had a pool!

my zen face LOL

After resting and changing, we headed out to look for food and explore! After reassessing the map, we decided to walk to Pub Street, as the hotel location was not that far.

walking out of our hotel lane

there was a construction at the outer lane, so it was really dusty and muddy

main road!

Of course, since we only had our meal on the plane, we decided to eat some light late lunch.

Stopped by this restaurant by the main road called the Navy Khmer Kitchen. It wasn't something we researched on, we just saw it and decided to try.

i think this was called fried morning glory?

some soup hehe which was good! it's like tom yam, without the chili

spring rolls

pineapple fried rice

black pepper chicken..or pork.. 

Then we proceed walking along the main road towards Pub Street..

..and discovered our favourite drinking place! :3

No turning back

how can we resist these?!

pina colada, mojitos and some pinapple drink

cointreau, b52(?) and my pineapple drink

jaggerbomb, which we thought the waiter how to make, because it wasn't in their menu

So yeah the sun hasn't set and we had 3-4 drinks each! But of course, those drinks did no harm (chewah!) so we proceeded to Pub Street.

From the hotel to Pub Street, it was about 15-20 minutes walk. The streets are quite busy so crossing roads needed some caution.

The street is lively! Rows and rows of restaurants, cafes, stalls.. with live music blasting. It was moderately packed when we were there.

fiwi ftw!

Then we had grilled seafood for dinner at a restaurant called Angkor Herb. The food was just mediocre. They have extensive seafood items exhibited at the entrance of the restaurant, and grilling /BBQ-ing was done there, enticing customers with good smell.

But the food was just ok. We ordered fish and squid. And I can't remember what else. They weren't horrible, don't get me wrong. You can give it a try. There are also many other restaurants in Pub Street, so the choices are endless!

first Cambodian beer

eh why we so cute wan?

Had a $5 (I think) massage before calling it a night!

I'm not into massages so I can't really tell. It was the one and only time I went throughout the trip.

Here's a video of us riding a tuk tuk back to hotel! Because the lanes were quite dark and tuk tuk only cost $2 so why not.

Stay tune for my next post on Angkor Wat! :D
Well mostly pictures lah, you know me kan.

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