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Food Roundup: August 2015


Since I'm not very good at blogging about food or eateries and I have no patience to return to same restaurants over and over again before writing, I have decided I shall just lump all my food adventures in one posting every month!

By doing this I get to talk about different places in one post and see what's my eating-out pattern.

And also usually I don't always take many photos while eating out so one or two (or three) photo for one post doesn't seem to justify the need of that post.

So I'm gonna start with August then! :D

I would like to apologise beforehand that I don't remember the exact names of the dishes/food. I'll try to take notes next time.

Jin Man Fish Ball Noodle, Equine Park, Seri Kembangan

Got bored of visiting malls for Friday lunches and since there aren't many Chinese food places nearby my workplace, Sue, who is my usual Friday lunch partner suggested we have some noodles at this place which has a lot of branches.

Had the small portion of the hor fun noodles in soup.

Please don't be fooled by the look of this. It was very filling for me! And I tend to eat soupy food very slowly when it's hot, so the hor fun actually expanded haha. I love the soup, simple but refreshing. And the fish balls were good too!

We had the famous fried fishcake as well, the outer layer reminds me of keropok lekor!

Visit its website and Facebook page for more info and reviews!

The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown

Brother was back since it was a long weekend in Singapore so he and his gf treated me and youngest sister to lunch after my Japanese class.

iced latte

The first time I went there with my friends we had to wait quite a while for a table. However, this time when I reached the cafe there wasn't any line (it was about 12.15 pm) though all the tables were full.

This seafood-ish soup is good! I'm sorry I can't remember the name though. It was thick, flavourful and had quite a number of prawns!

Have no idea what this is. Haha

I had this portobello mushroom dish which comes with hash browns, zucchini and poached eggs. Actually I thought I ordered a portobello mushroom burger or something. Served me right for not reading the description properly. Overall it was just ok. I don't hate it because I like portobello mushrooms though.

This lychee earl grey tea cake was just plain. Couldn't really taste (or smell) the earl grey tea in it. The cake was a bit dry.

Nosh Up, Atria Shopping Gallery

First time in Atria Shopping Gallery after its new renovation/rebranding. Our parents used to take us here on weekends and my younger sister got lost here twice! haha

iced salted caramel latte

I don't know any places that serves salted caramel latte, so seeing it in the menu was like shoving me with a cute photo of UVERworld's Katsuya. LOL. I want Starbucks to bring back the salted caramel frappucino!

minestrone soup which was just average. small portion if you're craving for some soup besides having your main dish

mom had this mexican something chicken something sandwich, which comes with guacamole. eventhough it might seem like nothing much but she said she was really full! (But of course we had snacks LOL)

lamb pie

I'm a fan of lamb and mutton, since I don't eat beef anymore those two meats have become alternatives after chicken and pork. Wanted to try the fried lamb shank (never seen elsewhere yet) but I thought it was too sinful for lunch (since when I cared?). The lamb pie comes with an empty pastry puff and potato croquette (or bergedil haha). I like tearing the puff into bite-sized pieces and eating them with the lamb gravy.

smoked salmon fried rice

The smoked salmon fried rice had a very strong smoked salmon scent. Besides frying together with the rice the place some shredded pieces on the plate too.

Sushi Tei, The Gardens Mall/Midvalley Megamall

lobster salad sushi

salmon belly

The salmon belly slices were so so thick! Thicker than the ones in Sushi Zanmai. But then again, I frequent Sushi Zanmai most of the time so sometimes they do have thick cuts. But not recently. Hmmmm. I need to revisit a few more times.

chirashi don

I'm a bit disappointed with the look of this don. The sashimi slices were so thin, and it had so much rice. It would be good if it has thicker slices of sashimi.

negitoro don

I am a HUGE fan of negitoro don. Among Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Tei, Sushi King and Sakae Sushi, I know that Sushi Tei is the only one that has this don. I wish Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi would consider this in their menus.

Just for me yay!

WIP, Bangsar Shopping Center

WIP is where me and my friends indulge in asam boi mojitos.

coastal aglio olio, very generous with the seafood!

But of course, we don't indulge that often lah. Because it costs RM28 (before tax etc.). Sometimes WIP will have happy hours for their mojitos so it will bring us great joy and happiness when that happens haha!

triple trio supreme: watch out for the raw onions, unless of course you LOVE onions. haha. it was RM38 (before tax etc.) per pizza so I find it quite expensive. It was just okay. I suggest you try other flavours.

the star of my life: asam boi mojito

What can I say. Even though we didn't have it during the happy hour, we managed to have three glasses each on one sitting!

That's all for my first food roundup post. I know I'm bad at describing stuff but I hope the photos will entice you to try out some of the food mentioned here. Of course, what might taste good to me might not for you.

Will (try to) be diligent in noting down the names and prices in posts to come! :)

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