Sunday, August 23, 2015

Backstreet Boys In a World Like This Tour 2015, Stadium Negara

This is almost four months late but since I've uploaded some videos I took on YouTube, I might as well share them.

Hands up if you were a HUGE Backstreet Boys fan like I was!

Big fan of them, this girl was, in primary school. I still remember sitting down in class with my classmates, singing their songs with each of us taking respective members' parts.

I sang Brian's parts! WOOHOO

Somehow I ended seeing someone sharing some news that KL was made part of their In a World Like This Tour, so I ended up deciding to go!

The tickets went on sale in February and I chose numbered seats, without a doubt. Nah, not gonna spend so much on mosh pit tickets unless it's freaking for UVERworld. Or ONE OK ROCK. Or SPYAIR.

Went together with a colleague and my sisters. Actually I was quite surprised my youngest sister knew some of their songs I thought we are off different eras wtf.

We parked at Nu Sentral and took the monorail from KL Sentral to station Maharajalela, and walked through Stadium Merdeka to get to Stadium Negara.

Got in, got into our seats and waited for an hour (plus a little more) to a point that we got agitated hahahaha

The concert looked like it only took up half of the stadium

Brought my Big Bang light stick because I didn't intend to buy any merchandise. And hey, my friend from the other side of the stadium could locate me with this you know

It started a little after 8.30 pm, the screen started showing some montage of the members..

..and the boys appeared with "Backstreet's back, alright!"

First set all were wearing navy blue suits..

All I Have To Give was the 3rd song (sorry I don't remember what they started with.. I think it was Larger Than Life?)

Then Nick Carter and Kevin each got and played instruments for some songs I don't recognise..

..because after Millenium I never really bothered following them anymore. Haha.

They changed into some casual clothes. Here's As Long As You Love Me for you. Remember Nick's perfectly parted hair?

I'll Never Break Your Heart

Then all of them got some instruments and sang some of their hits too! Too bad they sand only a little bit of Drowning.. :(
But they did a full one for Quit Playing Games With My Heart!

It rained halfway through the concert. And that was when we knew that Stadium Negara needed some proper maintenance. It leaked on the stage to a point that Kevin pretended to capture some rain water with his hand and drink!

The rain was so heavy that we were splattered with some rain water. It's the freaking Stadium Negara it needs to be taken care of dammit!

And there was lightning and thunder too. There was one funny moment when they started sing Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely and then BOOM! It was aptly timed that even the group was impressed themselves. I didn't record, but here's I Want It That Way to appease you:

One of their songs they got the audience to light up the torchlight from their phones. AJ said that if there was anyone still using Blackberry, that fella needs to see him personally LOL.

Overall, I had a great time. I'm thankful that they sang a lot of their old hits, something that I can sing along to LOL. The group was amazing with their solid vocals, they still dance like how they used to in their younger era.

I don't think I'll be attending their shows anymore after this, it's like just once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing for me.

Brings back great memories of my younger times.

Ending this post with another clip of I Want It That Way where Brian hits the high note, but it was done by the crowd  LOLOL (the girl in front of me so excited haha)! :)

Don't wanna hear you sayyyyyyyyyyyy...

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