Monday, August 17, 2015

10 years of awesomeness.

My entry for the Instagram project in conjunction of  the 10th anniversary of their major debut, you can see many others here

I know this is about months late but still..


I don't remember if I have ever written on how I came to love UVERworld. Maybe I did and the posts are lost somewhere in my messy blog archive.

I do remember that I once wrote about my top 5 Japanese bands (or something like that lah). It included Remioromen as well haha.

You see, UVERworld was not the first band which I came to love. I was a HUGE Orange Range fan after my sister introduced me to 花 (Hana = Flower), which is the ending song of my favourite movie, いま、会いにゆきます (or Be With You).

Come to think of it, my sister introduced me to many artistes. LOL.

And she too, introduced me to UVERworld. Somehow it crossed her mind that I would like their second single, Chance, so she showed the MV to me.

At that time I thought, "Ah, not bad ah this band." And I also thought the lead singer reminded me of a fox. #notalie

Sorry Takuya. Now you don't. Sumpah tak tipu.

Then one day while in university, I happened to come across some videos from their Timeless 2006 tour at Shibuya-AX on the now-not-accessible-from-Malaysia Veoh, and downloaded all the clips.

I ended up enjoying their live clips. I was so amazed with Katsuya and Akira at that time, whose names I didn't even know. I was drawn to the way they played their guitars and I loved expod digital.

The band's homepage banner was changed into this for a while

I got my hand on some of their albums, though Timeless remained as my favourite album. I thought the others were just so-so, and I went off course and jumped into Kpop.

One day, I can't remember whether I was already working at this point or not, I stumbled some clips from their Tokyo Dome live DVD, and fell in love with the acoustic performance of Kimi no Suki na Uta.

From that point I kept on a lookout for their news and then it was when it was reported that they were doing the opening for Ao no Exorcist (which I loved but got so disappointed at its final episode).

CORE PRIDE was the trigger which elevated my status from casual listener to a fan.

Then I ended up attending their 2012 tour in Japan in Fukuoka and Osaka.

Just click on the label UVERworld, you can read all about my journey with them!

But honestly speaking, I've toned down a little bit. I still enjoy my daily dose of UVERworld music, but I'm not as obsessed with them as I used to. I do enjoy doing my unboxing posts, but I don't think I can ever be good at reviewing their music.

Because if I like, I like loh.

I do have a love-hate relationship with their songs. Well not really love-hate, more to love-dislike. Usually the dislikes will turn into loves upon hearing/watching the songs being performed live. I swear its like magic.

I still would love to go and watch them again, especially with my sisters. I was hoping to bring them end of next year (aiming for Christmas show), but judging from my current family situation, it might be put on hold for now.

Up to this date, UVERworld has released 27 singles. And counting. LOL. Latest DVD will be out September 30th!

Anyways, cheers to the 10th anniversary since debuting with D-TecnoLife on July 6th, 2005 (which was used as BLEACH's second opening):

..and hoping for more anniversaries to be celebrated!

*clinks wine glasses*

Check out their 2015 tour dates here!

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