Monday, August 10, 2015

My second 10km run

The first time I participated in a 10 km run, I was in Form 6. I can't recall whether I was in Lower or Upper 6 though, but I do remember it was initiated by one of my classmates, and I think almost half of the class joined.

I trained ONLY twice prior to the run - it was somewhere around KL, ended in Dataran Merdeka and I spent 3 hours running and walking.

Well walking mostly.

I finished the run holding hands (by walking) with my classmate LOL why we so cute wan.

(Almost) 10 years after, I ran again.

What started of as a Whatsapp conversation among my university course mates on how we should do some healthy activities once in a while during our gatherings (instead of just indulging in food) led to me thinking of them when I came across the ASEAN Unity Run 2015.

Unfortunately only one of them said yes LOL -_____- #apani 

So registered in May, and last Sunday it happened.

apa tu EMENGENCY? #facepalm

Honestly, I only went to gym thrice after June before the run and my average pace was more than 10'/km.

That morning I woke up and cursed myself. 

I mean, what the hell la weh, I had three months to prepare myself and what did I do? Kept putting off and letting my gym earn money for free! Hmmph.

Further cursing ensued because I was supposed to meet Yen (my uni mate) at Lake Gardens parking, but all the routes Waze brought me ended with closed roads.

So we went towards Dataran Merdeka and ended parking at DBKL.

Walked towards Padang Merbok, quickly met up with Yen and in less than 5 minutes we were rushed by the volunteers as the race was about to start at 6.15 am.

You know, 10 km IS quite far by foot.

Route map which was emailed to us

The first 1 km was all good, I was using the Nike Run app, and after passing the first km I decided to stop.

Then the struggle came.

So what I did was walk, sometimes walk faster, then jog for a chorus of a song/from one signboard to the next signboard/from this point to that exit/etc.

And completed the run about 1 hour 45 minutes plus according to the red timer sign thingie.

that's a banana skin in my pocket, which we were given along with a bottle of water and a medal after run completion.
Shoes: Nike Free 4.0, bought in Xebio Sports Express, Kyoto-Yodobashi

Average pace was about 9'/km.

I guess that's not bad for a starter. I guess I wouldn't mind participating again.

my sister had to take MC the next day, but she finished earlier than me! Ah actually both of them did hahaha

Went home, had McDonald's for breakfast and slept. My thighs are hurting now, going to toilet is a problem.

You do realise that this is just a filler post ha?


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