Sunday, September 13, 2015

Siem Reap 2015: Sunrise in Angkor Wat


I realised there are too many photos of our trip to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise and also visit the temple, so I will break them down in two posts - one for the sunrise and one for the grounds.

Devices used to take these photos are my Panasonic Lumix LX5, my iPhone 5s and WL's Canon EOS 700D (since we shared our photos). I can't remember what are the settings for my camera, but I usually use Auto mode. Or Scenery. Same goes for the Canon, I don't know what setting WL used.


For these photos I did not to use any filters, I only resized and watermarked them. I've also noted on the photos which camera was used for taking each photo. True, unless the photos properties lied to me then I cannot help itlah.

Sorry if they're not pretty, not in a creative mood right now.

Actually lazy la.

Woke up at 4 am since we made reservation for our private tour guide to pick us up at 5 am.

We thought we're pretty early already but actually we're not.

He took us in through the left side of the entrance, using a path where others were not using. The hotel packed breakfast for us, so he helped us save a table at one of the stalls nearby and brought us nearer to the location famous for its sunset view.

There were already so many people when we arrived. Everyone's up and ready with their phones/cameras to take the bestest shot of the morning.

Including us.

Check out the crowd that morning:

We waited til about an hour or so  until we realised that the weather conditions didn't allow the 'egg yolk' to appear, so we decided to head back to the stall to have our breakfast.

Ordered drinks from the stall while our guide briefed us on the history of Angkor Wat, which I don't remember anymore haha. Then suddenly one of the aunties at the stall told us that the 'egg yolk' had appeared!

We actually left our food at the table just like that! #kiasu

I sort of gave up on taking perfect photos so I just randomly snapped away.


So we can safely check 'watching sunrise in Angkor Wat' off our to-do lists now!

Will be blogging on the wat itself next! Or should I start on my Japan trip?

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