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Dream Trip to Macau

The last time I went for a trip outside Malaysia was.. 2012.

Damn sedih (sad) right?

In 2012, I went to Japan, Singapore and Thailand, which you can read up in my post to review year 2012. I wrote proper posts on my Japan trip, but not for Singapore (because I was just there for a weekend.. for ONE OK ROCK's concert) and I think I was too lazy to write about my Bangkok trip. Which I deeply regret now.

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If you were to ask me where I would wanna go next (besides Japan) I would really wanna go to..


Macau entered my I-wanna-go-to list after watching episode 133 of Running Man (y'know, the Korean variety TV show) with Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin (as guests). Then my brother also went to Macau for a trip and it excited me even more after looking at all his photos!

So here are the things that would make up my dream trip to Macau:

Number one:

Would you look at that? More photos at http://

Macau Tower stands tall at 338 meters, enabling visitors to get a good view of Macau, even more so with its revolving restaurant. Since I don't consider myself as someone who is scared of heights, going up on the tower would give me an amazing opportunity to view Macau at its best.

Besides the experience of dining up high, there are various activities offered at the tower, especially for the brave-hearts. Or the not so brave-hearts who want to be brave. There are Skywalk-X, bungee jumping, Tower Climb and SkyJump.

Unless I am on a romantic getaway, I would opt for the Skywalk X - an opportunity to stroll around the deck around the tower - on 233 meters up! Enjoying Macau air up high. No big deal kan?

If I get shaky legs I can just lift up my legs and let the harness hold me like this:

Just like my what my brother did! (Photo credits to him and his friend)

Or maybe, if I'm feeling more adventurous, I'm gonna be as brave as Song Jihyo and just do the bungee jump! I've always been amazed with people who have done bungee jumping before, and I thought that it must be one of the things to be done before I die.

Just the thought of it gets me excited!

Although I might change my mind once I get on the tower but nevermind, at least being able to be on the tower would be a breathtaking experience.

Plus, night views on high grounds, looking at Macau? Why not?

Number two:
Food, glorious food!

If you're my Instagram follower, you will know that I indulge in food most of the time. Majority of the things I post there are food photos, usually accompanied by #livetoeat and #gluttonatwork hashtags. LOL.

You know the saying: "to know a country is to eat its food"?


Wait there's no such saying ah you mean?

Nevermind, I made it up. But it's true isn't it? Every country in the world has its own delicacies. Take for example, Korean is known for kimchi, Japan is known for sushi/sashimi/ramen, Malaysia is known for nasi lemak/roti canai/etc, Thailand is known for tomyam/pad thai/som tam and the list goes on and on and on..

So of course, I would really like try out the food in Macau. Since Macau is a former Portuguese colony, I think Macanese cuisine (Macau food) would be something interesting to try. A fusion of Chinese and Portuguese cuisines, I wonder what kind of wonders it would bring into one's palate.

I don't think we can get Macanese cuisine here in Malaysia besides Portuguese egg tarts. I love Portuguese egg tarts! One of the famous places offering Portuguese egg tarts is the Lord Stow's Bakery and Cafe so a visit to that bakery would really make a trip to Macau worthwhile.

Photo source: Top China Travel. Read here for its info on these lovely egg tarts!

Besides the egg tarts, other food that Macau offers are pork chop buns, local snacks such as peanut candies and almond cakes and much more!

Ahh.. writing this is making me salivate already!

CNN also listed 10-must-try Macau food for those interested.

Number three:
Macau World Heritage

Macau made a mark in the World Heritage List in 2005 thanks to the Historic Centre of Macau. This district consists of various buildings and monuments which show how much Macau is influenced by its function as one of the ports connecting the East and West during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The district preserves the historical culture of Macau with its abundant temples, churches, mansions and gardens - a proof of how the marriage of East and West cultures can result in a wonderful historic pleasure for the future generation.

I'm interested in these three the most:

Ruins of St. Paul's which is actually the ruins of Church of Mater Dei which was destroyed in a fire and also ruins of St. Paul's College.

Photo source: Lonely Planet

If we have the A Famosa, then Macau has the Monte Fort. Although it is not the only fort/fortress in Macau, it served as the city's principal military defense structure, equipped with defense materials which can allow it to survive for 2 years! Isn't that amazing?

Photo source: Top China Travel

One of the famous temples in Macau is the A-Ma temple, where Macau was derived from.

Photo source: Lonely Planet

A-Ma temple is a temple worshiping Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea that protects fishermen and sailors. Apparently the name Macau was derived from here when the Portuguese was told that the name of this place was "A-Ma Gau" whereby "Gau" means bay.

It would be great to be sent on this superb opportunity to visit Macau as I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to visit another country which shares the same heritage as we do. As we all know, Malacca was once a Portuguese colony from 1511 til 1641 (thank goodness for Sejarah subject in school!). Hints of the colonization can still be found until now, with the most famous building being the A Famosa fortress.

Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia for this opportunity. 

May the 3 most interesting blogposts win!


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