Saturday, December 01, 2012

Unboxing: THE ONE

We're back with my "Unboxing" post.
This time it's UVERworld's 7th album (since when I do "Unboxing" on other stuff?), THE ONE, which was released on the 28th of November. Got mine as usual lah, on the release date.

I so kiasu must receive it on the release date that I did not mind paying more for EMS.

But who cares? I was so happy when I saw my package after arriving home from work.

Yeah. Album and December issue of OUT of MUSIC magazine.

I bought the limited edition version, which comes with a DVD and a photobook!

i think the band's logo is awesomely done. unfortunately the font is too.. simple

tracklist for the CD and DVD

Takuya: Come to me my minions!
Katsuya: My right side profile is the best!
Akira: #$#%*$*(%
Shintarou: Must. Not. Fall. Asleep. *zones out*
Nobuto: Ah! I see food over there!


リーダーさん looking かっこい and soft at the same time. i love his eyes!

just in case you have no idea who UVERworld is made of


Photobook consists of shots of the band during their lives (or concerts) and while in the studio.

omg i love his hair. so jealous of its smoothness. i hope you stick to this hairstyle. but i wanna see you in shorter do as well.

sometimes, he looks like he's in pain when he's drumming. :(

lovin' this shot of Nobuto

scene of THE SONG

i love that turquoise guitar of his

Akira in his thick glasses, bringing nerdy-ness to a whole new level of awesome-ness

he's like a little boy sometimes! geram!

i love this blazer/jacket

Additional photo:


I'm gonna review the album pretty soon. Something I've been wanting to try reviewing songs for quite a while, as a challenge to myself who is a person who suck big time at describing stuff.


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