Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Blabs #3/2012 - Short updates!

My last post was two months ago, and it wasn't the last post about my Japan trip. I have another one coming up, but I've been too lazy editing and watermarking my photos - something I used to enjoy doing so much for my blog.
Maybe it's my usual writer's block-phase, or maybe it's just me being lazy.
I will try my best to complete the post, as a closure on my Japan trip.
* * *
One of the things I enjoy doing nowadays is attending my basic Japanese language class, which happens once a week on Saturdays.
My きょうし is a younger girl called あや(Aya) and she's such an adorable character! She loves drawing on our homeworks - simple drawings of flowers, rabbits and smiley faces, complete with praises like "すばらしい" or "かんぺき" or "いいですね" with red ink.
I like learning the language. Initially I wanted to take up the language to enable me to read my Japanese mags (long way to go though!) and song lyrics (obviously) but now, I realised that it actually helps me in understanding dramas better as well!
I wish I had taken it earlier before I went to Japan, at least I would have known to say "日本人じゃありません" instead of "日本人じゃない" where the former is more proper and formal. I hope I did not piss any Japanese off when I said the latter. LOL.
* * * 
I am still a fan of UVERworld. Haha. Even more so after the release of THE OVER. I wanna go to their concert again! There 7th album will be released end of this month, and of course I've pre-ordered it.
Well if I do have the money and time I would go to watch them again next year, but I'm afraid I need to be sensible and prioritise other things first.
I wish the band would venture outside Japan, I mean, ONE OK ROCK went to Singapore, MIYAVI came to Malaysia, YUI had her hotel tour in Hong Kong (ah this girl I want to see as well) and Perfume will have their show in Singapore end of this month..


Tomorrow is the drummer's birthday!

I love it when artists have birthdays near mine, it makes me a little proud somehow.

Today's BIGBANG's TOP's birthday!

* * *

I wanted to blog about something serious but I can seem to find the right words.


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