Monday, September 03, 2012

Japan 2012: Osaka Day 3 - Osaka Castle Grounds (in pictures mostly)

i think if i were given a chance to try all the cup noodles available at any Japanese convenience stores, i would jump on it without a doubt!

fans lining up to buy UVERworld Tour 2012 goods, even though the staff has not opened the counter yet!

A little bit more photos of the room I stayed in:

they don't use cards as keys, but real keys with some chips which will activate the electricity when placed on the slot. cool!

not complimentary, unless you're staying from floors 15 onwards

everytime i look at this photo, i really miss those nights

this is quite awesome as well

After checking out of my room, I got the hotel to send one of my bags straight to the airport for a fee (around 1,200 yen like that) and dump my other bags in one of the lockers at Osaka Business Park Station.

Then walked to Osaka Castle.

spot the bee!

so cute! first time seeing mandarin ducks up close!

i didn't go up

One of the attractions at the Osaka Castle ground is the time capsule which was buried during Expo '70, a World's Fair which was held in Japan on 1970.

There are two time capsules buried here: the top one is opened every 100 years since 2000. The lower one will only be opened in year 6970!

The purpose of the time capsule is to show the people in the generations to come (in this case, year 6970) the achievements, discoveries and records of the year 1970. I wonder what would it be like? I mean, the feeling of unearthing something from 5,000 years ago!

More info here and here if you're interested!

I feel like making my own time capsule, you know, for the future. Not sure who I would be addressing it to though.

Brunch of takoyaki!

Looks good, but didn't taste that good. The insides were still gooey and lacked octopus flesh (!!!). It was the only time I had takoyaki while I was in Japan, so I'm not sure how would the good one taste like.
street performer

I didn't go up to the castle as I was scheduled to meet someone.

Spotted these two uncles playing tennis. My goodness. There were a lot of people cycling around as well.

the three mandarin ducks earlier


inside a toilet cubicle of NAMBA HIPS! LOL

NAMBA HIPS! is what I would call an entertainment centre with a game-centre, pachinko and there's even a ride. I didn't realise how awesomely-shaped this building is until I researched about it. Unfortunately I didn't bother looking up at the building because I was busy finding where Tsutaya Ebisubashi was. LOL. Anywhere read here for more info and pictures!



While waiting for a fellow UVERfan, I searched for the directions to my next hotel:

Had an awesome okonomiyaki late lunch with two new friends!

Then walked to 心斎橋駅 (Shinsaibashi-eki = Shinsaibashi Station) to go back to Osaka Business Park Station since I decided to follow the girls to the Osakajo Hall back again.

Which gave me another opportunity to watch my favourite Japanese band for the third time!

New-found friends, another UVERnight.. what more can I ask for right?

enjoying a drink before sleeping at my final hotel

fate brought us together

I miss Japan!

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