Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unboxing: UVERworld's 22nd single, THE OVER

Got my copy of the limited edition version of the single today, on its release date.

Actually the single was already leaked yesterday night, even my sister heard the whole single before me! LOL

The limited edition version contains a CD and a DVD (as usual).

CD's tracklist:
  1. THE OVER used as the ending song for the TBS drama, 黒の女教師 (Kuro no Onna Kyoushi)
  2. THE SONG used as the ending song for the band's documentary film, THE SONG
  3. Massive an instrumental track, which was played during their 2012 tour concerts, i find it sounds better live

DVD contains:
  1. 優しさの雫 (Yasashisa no Shizuku), live from their Zepp City show
  2. バーベル~皇帝の新しい服ver.~(Barbell ~The Emperor’s New Clothes~) music video
  3. THE SONG documentary film trailer
  4. Special Spot (clips of each members, which are available on their staff's diary)

Akira wore slippers! LOL I think Shintarou too?



i love this shot of the droplets!

i assume can buy the arena tour tickets first?

i actually went to the site but couldn't get the stuff i need to have an account. there's even a 'THE OVER GAME' wtf

So how do I find the single?

I think I've mentioned before that among the 6 songs released prior to their 7th album, I like THE OVER the best. And I still do. My sister likes THE SONG better than THE OVER, and there are people who raved about how awesome THE SONG is.

But I like THE OVER better.

I mean, THE SONG is awesome, especially the guitar parts. I find it suitable to listen to when you have those moments when you're just emo-ing, and you just need a song to express those bottled up emotions. I can imagine it being a good song to play live, where Akira can just strut his stuff and show how magical his fingers can be strutting the chords.

But for me, THE OVER it is.

The lyrics are so touching, I wish there is a guy who's who do the things like in the lyrics.

Someone who would wait for me, someone who chose to be alone although he desires to be loved (just for my sake!), someone who looks forward to a future with me, someone who wants to be by my side as we age together.

If there is, 絶対君だけが離せない.


*runs to a corner and covers face*


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