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THE SONG Premiere (and Katsuya's slapping incident)

WeeN's note: I thought I wasn't gonna blog about this but I just had to share the slapping incident!

UVERworld's documentary film by Teppei Nakamura, THE SONG, premiered on the 22nd of August, and the band together with Director Nakamura appeared in one of the cinemas for short interview.

such a stressful day it was

The live broadcast was brought live by a Japanese streaming site, NicoNico Douga. From 3pm Japanese time, the site streamed all of the band's music videos, followed by short documentary called core ability, and then live broadcast of the band appearance, and then followed by another documentary called core abilities? I can't remember the sequence. The music video for their latest single, THE OVER also premiered that night, and pretty much it has gotten good comments from viewers for its simplicity, yet beautiful message. I shall get to that in one of my next posts.


l-r: Director Teppei Nakamura (中村哲平), Akira (彰), Katsuya(克哉), Takuya∞, Nobuto(信人) and Shintarou(真太郎)

While I'm not qualified to speak about fashion, I just gotta say something about their clothes. On stage, the members pretty much wear tees, sometimes customised blazers/jackets, official tour stuff, and stuff that I assume represent their styles (like Katsuya and his shorts with tights underneath wtf but now that I think of it, I think it's to prevent him from exposing himself when he puts his leg up on the speaker or when he stands on the platform LOL).

I must say the members looked so good in suits at the live appearance, although their shoes were a bit off (except for Nobuto's and Shintarou's) and Katsuya's bow-tie.. if I had a chance to rip it I would have done it. But it looked cute on him, dorky and cute to be precise, but he managed to toughen up his whole look with high-top sneakers with leopard prints.

Akira (guitar)

Akira's clothes were.. less formal. He was the only one NOT wearing a collared shirt beneath his blazer/jacket, true to his hippy style. His long necklace is pretty cool, and to top it off he wore brown shoes with thick soles, making Katsuya look shorter than the leader already is. Skin's a bit tanned, must have been sunbathing a lot throughout the summer. I like his hair. It's all brown now! No blonde highlights! I love Akira in short hair, though some of his longer ones did look good on him.

Katsuya (guitar)

Katsuya, if the bow-tie was latched properly to your collar I wouldn't have mind that much. But it was just.. hanging there lifelessly, wanting/begging to be saved. Other than that you're okay dude. Glasses made you look dorky, but we love le dorky Katsuya!

Takuya∞ (vocals)

Takuya∞ , as usual with his milky white skin (yes, I'm jealous of his skin), and lovely hair with blonde ends. Looking good there buddy! I like the collar accessory he was wearing with his tie. Though I think the shirt shouldn't have any prints on it, since they were covered by the tie.

Nobuto (bass)

Nobuto is just so good-looking in the new short hairstyle! I was like.. "phwoaaarrrrrr" His whole suit is the most proper one, complete with black shoes. He should appear in a men's magazine or something!

Shintarou (drums) *swoons*

But of course, I think the one that made all women go nuts was Shintarou, who was in a dark blue suit (complete with a hanky on the front pocket too ^^). With his height and frame, he could have just passed as a model. His hair, short, but oh so handsome. FYI him in this get-up is used as my lock screen nowthankyouverymuchiamsosorrykatchanibutidoloveyoutoo! He looked thinner but his prominent cheekbones and jawline are just so.. sexy!

Teppei Nakamura

Director Nakamura, simple in his black suit, but what I like about his clothes is his leopard-print cuffs! That simple addition just wowed up the whole ensemble. And his hair.. I actually should have looked at his twitter pic properly, never thought he would be so stylo. Reminds me of Orange Range's Ryo a bit. Cute smile too! heehee.


Pretty much can't tell you what were the questions asked and answered because I don't understand Japanese that much/well but I do find them a little awkward during the broadcast. Maybe it's because they're not used to these kind of events.

I think the most memorable thing throughout the whole event is when Katsuya slapped himself.


He slapped himself. Pretty sure you can find the gifs out there.

No, he wasn't smacking mosquitos or something. If I heard/understood correctly, during the final speech, he mispronounced 映画 (eiga = film/movie) as 英語 (eigo = English)/or something else. He emphasised on "e-i-ga" after his cute blooper, made everyone laugh when suddenly..


Like, left hand to left cheek.

Which was quite loud (my youngest sister was like, "so loud!")

Everyone laughed and he himself laughed cheekily with his cute show-rabbit-teeth smile before continuing his speech.

Leader you are such a dork.

And I will remember it for the rest of my life, unless my memory fails me. And also the mic moment at the 22nd June Tour 2012 show during his final speech.

Something I made so that you get an idea of what happened:


They should have captured the other members' expressions as well! Would be epic!

Ah I hope THE SONG will be released in DVD, with subtitles soon!

Because screening it in cinemas wouldn't be enough.

WeeN's endnote: Photos go to the respectful owners! More pictures can be found here! The dialogues were created by me for fun! I just find his expressions funny, so it gave me an idea to do something funny. Doesn't necessary represent what he was thinking/doing at that time LOL I hope you've all enjoyed it!

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