Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unboxing UVERworld's 20th single

Because it's a *shameless* birthday present to myself.

I initially thought of buying myself a watch, just like last year. But after seeing that UVERworld was releasing their 20th single on December 14th (which is today), I thought why not? The pre-order was opened a month earlier and the limited edition single came with a DVD which contained performances of MONDO PIECE and CORE PRIDE (my favourite songs from their 6th album, Life 6 Sense) so I thought, screw watch.

And because I've never managed to buy myself any limited edition CDs.

(Because usually I discover artistes that I like a little too late)

So I ordered, and I can't remember how much I paid because it was a month ago and I didn't bother until the release date came closer.

Then 2 days ago I received an e-mail from CDJAPAN that my order was shipped and I went "OMG!" Because I thought it will only be shipped on its release date but I guess I was mistaken.

I thought it was gonna take about a week to arrive when suddenly I check my CD location and saw it arrived in Malaysia today!

So happy!

And when I came home, the brown package was there on the table for me to devour.

always nicely packaged

terima kasih atas pelepasan tersebut (thank you for the release)

bubble bubble bubble pop, bubble bubble pop pop!

before plastic removal

after plastic removal

open up!

the CD is pretty with an image of a falcon!

the DVD

CD jacket/booklet

a bit of info

lyrics for BABY BORN & GO

lyrics for KINJITO

one and only photo of the band

They all look so good. Katsuya chopped off his guinea pig-like hair (Life 6 Sense era) and I think he lost weight (again!). Lovin' his feature now BUT the clothes! What is he wearing?? I mean the blazer/coat is okay, BUT SHORTS WITH TIGHTS?!


Just like LAST FINAL in TOKYO DOME. And some other performances.

Whhhhyyy Kat-chan? Whhhhhyyyyy?

:'( shorts and tights are no-no, especially paired with jacket/blazer/coat.

Now I feel like I want the regular edition too because..

Akira, Shintarou, Katsuya, Takuya and Nobuto

got the image of the band on the cover with the falcon! Lucky lucky bird.

Oh after this shoot Akira chopped off his hair and finally have short hair!

Backstage Pass issue January 2012. L-R: Akira, Shintarou, Takuya, Nobuto and Katsuya

So cuttttttttteeeee!

I think he became younger! His long hair made him look older and he's only 2 years older than I am.

So good job Akira. Keep that hair will you? And make more girls drool over you. And while you're at it, put on the iris-enlarging lenses that you wore during LAST FINAL at TOKYO DOME.


not sure what is this will figure out soon

So that's my birthday present to myself. And uh, I think there are more *shameless*



(Will update with the single review)

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