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Korean Dream Part 8 - Namiseom and NANTA

WeeN's note: Picture spillage alert, just because I don't want to break this day into parts and just because I can. *action*

27th September 2011

Had breakfast at a cafe nearby our guesthouse called Bliss & Bless, which is located near our guesthouse in Myeongdong.

yes, hand drip coffee yo!

"drink coffee, change lives" whoa seriously can ah?

The interior of the cafe is really really cute. It was a working day (and around 10-something am) so it wasn't crowded, we felt really comfortable.

our breakfast: a bagel set with coffee, chai latte and kenya mocha coffee. unfortunately the food wasn't fantastic. hmm

coffee machine on display

free toast available!

2nd floor

To be honest, it's actually a nice cafe, but it has to improve on their service. It takes them quite a while to prepare our drinks though we brushed it off, thinking that because the coffee needed to be hand-dripped, that's why it took a long time.
We went again at night (I can't remember whether it was the same day) to get some hot drink before retiring to our guesthouse, got into the cafe which was packed and wanted to order since it wasn't their closing time yet. Took them a while before telling us that they're "not making" anymore (after we went through the menu). LOL.

Off to Nami Island! Let the pictures do the talking, because I have no idea what to say. But the scenery throughout the journey was really nice - the sky was blue, the greens were.. green. :)

From Myeongdong station we headed to Seoul station (Line 1), ride the subway all the way until Cheongnyangni station. Then you have to take the train (KORAIL) at the Sangbong Station and ride all the way to Gapyeong station. We didn't take the shuttle bus at Tapgol Park, which is another alternative to Nami Island.

the little stones are actually tombstones. nice hor?


the ahjummas and ahjussis accompanying us on the train

The total time for our journey from Myeongdong station to Gapyeong station: 1 hour.

Gapyeong station

Took a cab (less than KRW2,500) to the Gapyeong whalf, where we bought our tickets and ride the ferry to the island.

foreigner ticket price: KRW8,000

waiting for the ferry

the ferry's called Nami Maid! So cute!

You can actually fly-fox (???) yourself into the island. But it cost double (or triple) than riding the ferrylah.

But the idea seems interesting. Might try next time? LOL.

look at the amount of people exiting the ferry. and it was a working day!

this girl is always ready for a photo

while this girl needs to be forced for a photo

together they are quite a pair

must be the most fml photo from this trip. wait, there are others as well which will never be published!

the history of the island, which was named after General Nami. Such a young age he died at. :'(

a poem by General Nami, etched nearby his tomb

the tomb of General Nami

spotted a black squirrel! it was hiding its food (or whatever it was)

terima kasih (thank you)

ostrich pun ada!

We reached the spot where the main characters in Winter Sonata had their first kiss.

Of course it was snowing when they filmed it years ago so they made replicas of the snowmen there.

poor snowmen, kena vandalised

i think she was the most excited about this!

don't worry if you're short on cash, there's a bank on Nami Island!

we being cute

rabbit! (unless you're B2ST's Doojoon, it will be "labbit" then hahaha)

lunch break!

Saw a cute guy during lunch, he was wearing pink CROCS loafers and obviously alone. Should have talked to him. Little that I know we would bump into him again the next day! Like seriously!

I would have brought these home!

We walked to the location where the famous cycling (okay, maybe not just cycling, but how to remember??? I watched it ages agolaaaaa) scene in Winter Sonata was filmed!

so soothing

my my look how young they were

must. do. jumping. shot.

failed jumping shots

going back to being kids and yeah i skipped!

After spending some time on the island, I actually thought of staying there. It's just so peaceful and GREEN! Except of course, where there are too many visitors. And I don't think there are people staying there. And I can't imagine winter there. Alone. *shivers*

Had ice-cream before taking the ferry back to the mainland. And then..

our drinks from Beans&Berries where we had our pitstop in Lotte Department Store. Funny thing was we disliked the drinks that we ordered ourselves and exchanged with one another! LOL

Back to Myeongdong, where it is always alive and.. crowded.

Had dinner at McDonald's and tried their Bulgogi Burger.

If you love bulgogi, then you'll like the burger

And went to watch the 8pm show for Cookin' NANTA at their Myeongdong theater.

We were actually helped by our guesthouse personnel (thank you ahjumma and unni!) to book tickets for us!

Wanted the 1F seats but they were all sold out! :( So had to settle for the 2F ones. (KRW40,000 each)

Enjoyed the show so much! I think I laughed the most and got my money's worth. Or maybe I was easily amused by their jokes. If only I could participated in the show because they did invite some viewers for some scenes.

our show's cast. I like the dude who played the Head Chef, so funny! Now when I think back about the show, he made me laugh the most! Oh and the girl's tummy is to die for! So flat yayayayayayayayaya

trying hawker food!

We tried the tofu skin thingie. It's actually not tofu skin filled with fish, to me it's more of a fishcake which is made thin. Best eaten on a cold night, while sipping the MSG-laden soup in a paper cup. ^^

Enjoying the night walk..

and ice-cream to end a wonderful day! :)

Next up! A visit to the palace!

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