Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The first to be married...

..among us 21 Chinese in our course is none other than Yee Chuan and long time girlfriend, Sandra (I don't know how to spell her Chinese namelar)

When he posted a photo of his ROM, we all got excited but there were not any hints for dinner yet until one day Mun Yee mentioned that his dinner will be on Dec 2nd but the Facebook invitation was only available after adding his new account!

At first I was a bit disappointed since I had to add him just to get the invitation until I checked my friend requests, lo and behold, his request was there!


Soon after adding him the invitation came and I couldn't help getting teary-eyed over their wedding photo (not sure why).

Months after that, I received a missed call from him and after calling him back, he invited me to his wedding and asked for my home address so that his card could be sent!

Now, honestly, during our uni days, we weren't THAT close even though he was my neighbour during the 2nd and 3rd years and we talked only once a while. However he was such a sweetheart because he kept worrying about me going alone and made sure that I arranged everything with the others.

Obviously I failed haha too busy until last minute I asked him about accommodation and he said no problem, I can stay with his friends/wife's friends at a homestay. He even asked me to call him or his friend once I reached Gurun so that I can be directed to the homestay.

However I managed to contact the others and decided to tag along. Though I still drove on my own *pumps fist in the air over awesome solo driving which would have given mom a heart attack*

Still I was touched at his kindness.

Thank you so much Yee Chuan and sorry for troubling you!

Left Restoran Jejantas Sg. Buloh with everyone around 9am, and stopped at Juru Autocity for lunch! My first time there.

Went into Penang Island to check into Eastin Hotel.

We got ready and left the island at 5pm. Since we've never gone through the bridge traffic jam, we didn't want to take any chances and be late for the historical night. But luckily the jam was not so bad, we managed to reach the hall 15 minutes earlier! *amazed*

* our tables were at the front to our surprise. i think to we have a special spot in his heart LOL. I mean seriously. We didn't expect to be seated at the front. *touched*

We didn't have to wait long for the couple to arrive and boy, they looked really GOOD! I was like "Whhhhhaaaaaaaaa" but then I realised he looked thinner than he used to be. Hmm. Wedding jitters? LOL

the main table and the stage

haha somemore got sign

Beautiful wedding photos! I'm trying to remember the company's name... And the wedding photographer was awesome! He made us do some poses and we obliged happily for him!

(sorry about the pole LOL)

* yours truly and Mun Yee being funny

** ah much better

Out of the remaining 20, 15 made it to the dinner! :D It was a great catchup, but I still didn't manage to talk to everyone!




** cake-cutting, such a leng chai and a leng lui lah this two lovebirds

After the dinner, we went to his house and continued drinking a little more (even drank with his cool dad!) before calling it a night.


They planned for a meetup next day but I had to pass since I promised to visit my sister at her uni.

crazy 2 girls ordered 3 sets

Although it was a very short trip, and I regret not being able to join my friends for the meetup (which included endless makan sessions wtf T__T), it was still a very meaningful one. It was great catching up with them, and I hope to see them again.

We even promised to make weddings as our gatherings hohoho.

As for Mr. and Mrs. Ang, I sincerely wish them the best of everything.

** God bless these two souls

Waiting for their Dragon baby! hahaha (since he was so determined about it)


* photos from Alex's FB
** photos from Mun Yee's FB


  1. yeah yeah yeah!!!
    It was really a great gathering...

    ^^ nice hair style u have

  2. yeah, looking forward to see you all again! especially i didn't get to enjoy the Penang food! :(

    thank you for the compliment! :D


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