Monday, November 28, 2011

Korean Dream Part 7 - No Monday Blues in Seoul!

For the three of us tourists by the way. Haha.

all dressed up for work... NOT!

26th September 2011 - Times Square

Our Monday in Seoul must be the most historic - we spent time only at one place! Or one building! Or two buildings! No wait, make that one 'cause I'm pretty sure we were in Times Square most of the time.

From Myeongdong station (Line 4), head to Seoul Station to change into Line 1 and head til Yeongdeungpo station, coming out at exit 3.

And walk towards the direction of Times Square.

words that make any woman happy

Welcome to Times Square

weird sculptures at the entrance

hear ya! hear ya!

Went to have brunch first, since we started the day quite late. Settled at this small shop selling porridge.

We ordered two types of porridge 'cause the portion for one is quite big. Until now we can't understand how Koreans can eat so much and not be fat.


savoury pumpkin porridge.. mmmm

some chicken ginseng porridge

After that we basically ventured in Times Square - firstly, we went into Muji, a Japanese store selling a lot of things varying from stationery, kitchen utensils, bedroom stuff etc.. and then...

Imagine my excitement when I saw this!

Heehee. Then found these in front of the North Face store, just gotta take a photo with the placards! :D

Walked and walked to go to the top - The Sky Park


This is where they filmed the first opening for Running Man. Heck, the first episode of Running Man was set in Times Square!

It's just a small park. Not sure if you're allowed to have picnics up here.

Of course we had to go to Starbucks! :P

can't remember what frap but the one on the right is iced cocoa cappuccino

cute boy at Starbucks who would look at us everytime we do stuff like checking our phones, sipping our drinks etc.. so cute!

Went into Kyobo to look at cute stuff! Basically Kyobo is a huge bookstore, selling books, magazines, stationery and random stuff like Kinokuniya.

Then off to find our late lunch!

Times Square is pretty much empty on a working day

Ate at this small shop called Myeongdong Noodles! Quite near to the place where we had brunch.

soupy seaweed noodles which came together with the kimchi fried rice. Yes, it came together with the kimchi fried rice ok? We didn't order! :O

eggy noodle soup, simple but satisfying!

yummy kimchi fried rice

Didn't do much after that, except for going into Olive Young, a drugstore to look at cosmetics unavailable in Malaysia. I bought my Shiseido Integrate Mineral Base as a backup! :D

Then we headed back to Myeongdong and had dinner nearby our guesthouse. Seems like we ate a lot on this date huh? LOL.

we ordered this pork belly+octopus combo

and had makgeolli, the Korean version of rice wine mmmm..

of course, i let the two girls do the dirty job! heehee

the octopus were not alive when it was cooked ok?

perilla leaves, which has an acquired taste

these rice balls are YUM!

To tell you the truth, the gravy tasted like maggi curry powder at first taste! But maybe a little sweeter?

look at the suctions!

polished everything off anyways

And that was how we celebrated no Monday Blues in Seoul.


Next up: Nami Island and Cookin' Nanta! :D

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