Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Blabs #4/2011

Just came back from a one-week leadership camp up north.

our velcro nametags for the uniform, which we get to keep YAY!

Wasn't keen on going at first due to loads of pending tasks at work, but glad I did. (Yalar if didn't go I'll never be able to get my confirmation!)

It was a good distraction.

A GOOD GOOD distraction indeed.

Climbed a few hills, learnt compass marching, did body rafting, which was the awesome-mest activity there, I so wanna do it again! Although I almost drowned after trying to dodge some trees/branches.. Thank goodness for wonderful groupmates and great facilitators!

pacat (bloodsuckers) bite-marks, which are currently itching like crazy fml

And my groupmates during trekking/hill-climbing were so great. On our second trekking we had to hike up this slope which was around 80 degrees and i kept trying not to cry to due the pain in my legs when one of the boys went, "Go Angeline, I'll support you from the back!" And he lifted up my backpack while we climbed together omg i felt so touched *sob sob*

If you were to ask me if I'd do it again, I'll say "NO" is less than a millisecond! But I want to go back to the camp to visit the wonderful people there, those who people would think their jobs are not as tough/great as those in the army/police.

But they are freaking awesome okay? Very pro at what their do! And they risk their own lives saving (some of) us unfortunate ones who had difficulties during body rafting. Some of us passed out and had to be given first aids, I witnessed two and I almost cried because I never thought these kind of things could happen in front of me. But the facilitators were so good at first aids, and they never panicked!

For this, I must salute you Civil Defense officers.

Oh, I did mention it was a good distraction right?

Well, it's because I got to cuci mata my one whole week there.

He stood out as someone who could take care of me (with his physique LOL) and he seems knowledgeable about loads of things and plus plus he's so so cute! LOL wtf. (although my friends weren't so fond of him)

So I gave him my card, with my mobile and private email (embarassing moment happened that time too) and went home.

Then I found out he's married (after info extraction from his ex-colleague).

AND then I found out after further investigation that he has a child already!!!!


F.M.L. wuwuwuwu

Whylar? Whylarrrrr?

We should have met earlier.


And no, I'm not gonna venture there okay? BIG NO-NO.

Oh well.

Thank you for being an object of my observation, at least I wasn't all stressed out during that one week because of you.

Thank you.

Like Pakwan said, "Next, please!"


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