Saturday, November 12, 2011

Korean Dream Part 6 - Lotte World!

So I'm loving you
So I'm loving you
Naega wonhadeon
Duty duty duty doo~

Whoops! Wrong song! I'm not sure if Lotte World has it own song, but I really love the Lotte Duty Free song heehee.

Our 25th of September concluded with a trip to Lotte World!

can't remember when was the last time I went to a theme park so excuse the stupid grin





wah, vandalised! haha never expected this

you don't know how long we took to take a picture of the three of us together with the magic castle behind us haha

Day turned into night, so we went back inside

different things that got us excited!


2AM when they were endorsing BHC

We stayed to watch the parade which started at 7.00pm, and chose a spot so that we could see the parade. We didn't know that the capsule that we were facing opened up and some flowery thingie came out, but fireworks popped out too!

Awesome or what?

I don't know why but I really think our expressions were really cute, like kids

my my, what big butts you guys have!

one of the children's rides. we spotted a male adult on it! ALONE! haha but didn't take a picture of the guy heehee. he looked so bored!

We actually didn't ride on anything because we didn't want to spend so much in a theme park, so we bought the After4 Admission ticket @ KRW22,000 (adult price). Not for riding stuff but we can watch whatever shows available. Luckily we didn't bother about the rides because it was a Sunday, and queues for ever rides were LONG!

After the parade we headed back to Myeongdong for dinner. Decided on a place which is at the same row as our guesthouse.

we ordered bibimbap and kimchi jigae as well, but I'm not sure why I didn't take a photo of the jigae hmmm

as usual, since she loves bibimbap

This is the restaurant.. after lights out! Hahaha

And that completed our second day in Seoul. Wtf I needed 6 posts for 2 days in Seoul. I still have another 6 days. :P

Next up, Monday Blues in Seoul!

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